Monday, September 26, 2016

Beam n Read Lights - Review and Giveaway

I received products for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

I have several flashlights throughout the house and they work just fine.  But sometimes it's hard to finagle some things while my hands are full carrying a flashlight.  Beam n Read Lights give me the opportunity to shine a light on things, and do it hands-free.
Beam n Read personal hands-free lights let user’s see better in situations where extra lighting is helpful.  Those times may include reading or needlework, walking in dim or dark places, when traveling, during power outages, and more.

My husband is an auto mechanic and has actually been using the Beam n Read LED 6 Hands-Free Task Light while working on cars.  Rather than have to hold a light with one hand and a tool with the other, Jason puts the Beam n Read light around his neck and turns it on.  This particular personal light model has a button that lets you determine if you want three or all six lights on.  

The Beam n Read ® LED 3 Hands-Free Travel & Reading Light is the same as the one with six LED lights, with the exception that it has three fewer bulbs.  I've been using it at night when I go outside to take the dog out, and I will definitely be using it during our next power outage.  

Beam n Read Lights include an elastic neck strap.  The LED lights are bright and span a lot of area.  There are red and orange plastic filters included that can be snapped on to soften and warm the light, and to help avoid night blindness.  The filters are somewhat hard to snap in place but work well when they finally snap on.  

Beam n Read Lights require 4 AA batteries for each unit, and they are not included.  There is no on/off switch.  Rather, the lights automatically turn on when the reflector hood is lifted.  When it's turned back down and flush with the base, the lights turn off.

An additional piece that can be purchased separately is the Beam n Read USB/AC Power Kit. It allows you to save batteries by plugging your Beam n Read LED Light into external power sources.  The kit includes an USB/AC power adapter, a 6 foot BnR-to-USB cable plus a 6 ft USB extension cable for total 12 feet.
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It's National Pancake Day

Get out the batter, butter and syrup - it's National Pancake Day!  Whether you make your own or head to the restaurant, be sure to eat a short stack today.

I'm not picky about what time of day I eat pancakes. Breakfast, lunch or supper - doesn't matter to me. I am, however, somewhat picky about how I eat my pancakes. I prefer mine to be somewhat thin, with golden crisp edges.

Up until the end of September, Denny's is offering free pancakes to kids.  Children ages 10 and under are invited to eat free pancakes with the purchase of one adult entree. The offer is valid from 4-10 pm at participating locations.
How do you prefer your pancakes?  What toppings do you usually put on them?

Saturday, September 24, 2016

After A While Crocodile: Alexa's Diary - Children's Book Review and Giveaway

I received book for review from Arbordale Publishing.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Alexa and the other children at her escuela in Costa Rica have a special project: they are raising American Crocodiles. She names her croc Jefe, which means "boss," because he seems to be in charge of all the other babies. Alexa brings him chicken and frogs to eat, and writes about his progress in her diary. Soon, her little hatchling is as big as a loaf of bread. He has grown into a juvenile and it is time for Alexa to say goodbye and for Jefe to return to the wild.

My Review:

I find crocodiles to be fascinating.  The only time I've ever seen one is at a zoo, so I'm not sure that counts.  After A While Crocodile: Alexa's Diary is a fictional portrayel of a real program that allowed Costa Rican children to raise American crocodiles in their classroom.  The story tells of a girl named Alexa who helps raise a crocodile until it is able to be released into the wild.  When reading it, kids will learn foreign words and their definitions.  They will also learn statistics about crocodiles and caiman.  The pictures show both colored illustrations and real photos.  The book is interesting and educational.

The "For Creative Minds" section in the back of the book further educates with the differences between alligators, crocodiles, and caiman.  It also explains the differences between a child's teeth and a crocodile's teeth.  Furthermore, there's information on crocodile conservation and a story about Dr. Brady Barr, the only person that has ever captured all 24 species of croc in the wild.

After A While Crocodile: Alexa's Diary is a Fall 2016 release from Arbordale Publishing.
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It's National Hunting and Fishing Day

Where I come from, deer hunting is a big deal.  Some of the area schools even take a couple days off for "teacher improvement" during hunting season.  But it's really so the parents and students can hit the woods and bag some deer.

Personally, we are not hunters.  But the kids do enjoy the days off from school!

Jason and most of our kids like to fish.  I don't have much patience for it.  After about an hour, I'm done.
Do you enjoy the sport of  hunting or fishing? 

Four More September Winners

A few of my giveaways have ended and the winners have been randomly drawn.

The winner of The Swan Princess DVD giveaway is #24, Renee Walters.

The winner of the Entenmann's giveaway is #107, Jessica Naca.

The winner of the Infusium 23 giveaway is #22, janetfaye.

The winner of the Night Night Farm book giveaway is #24, April.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who entered.  Be sure to enter the currently active giveaways before it's too late.  There's no limit to how many you can enter or how many you can win.  All giveaways are listed at the top left hand side of the blog.

Dr. Jen’s 6 Simple Back-To-School Health Hacks for Mom & Kids

I received products in exchange for this post.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

"As a mother and pediatrician, I understand first-hand that back-to-school time is a roller coaster for families. The stress of change in schedules, classrooms, and social activities can really take a toll on physical health—not only with our kids but for us parents too. One of the most common problems I see in children is occasional tummy troubles. And as a mom, I know it’s equally important that we look out for our own health too, because if we feel like our best self, we can give 100% to our children during this busy time of year.” –– Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg a.k.a “Dr. Jen,” nationally recognized pediatrician, author and mother.

Let’s face it, back-to-school also means back-to-BUSY. To help both parents and school-goers cope, Dr. Jen has teamed up with Culturelle® Probiotics to share a few small daily tips that can have a big impact on everyone’s overall well-being:

For Kids:

Creating a consistent time to take your child to the bathroom, like right after a meal, is a great way to get their bodies on a schedule that will aid regularity.

The stress of change that back-to-school brings can often cause occasional tummy issues. Try giving your child Culturelle® Kids Regularity Gentle-Go™ Formula daily. This new product was developed just for kids’ digestive systems to promote balance and regularity.*

Reach for the rainbow: Adding in brightly colored fruits and veggies for snacks will not only give your child the most nutrients, but also added fiber. Remember, it takes at least ten tries of a new food to incorporate it into a child’s usual diet.

For Parents:

Take a break to breathe. Slow breath in, hold for 5 seconds then breathe out for 5 seconds. Repeat for 1 minute to calm nerves and ease tension while waiting in the car to pick up your child from school or activities.

Stay hydrated! It’s tempting to opt for a caffeinated beverage over water, but even though you want a pick-me-up, those caffeinated beverages can dehydrate you and actually slow you down if you aren’t drinking enough water. Invest in a 32 oz. water bottle, and take it with you wherever you go! Make sure to refill it once a day to ensure you are getting 64 oz. of water each day.

Make an effort to be your healthiest YOU by taking a daily probiotic supplement like "Culturelle® Pro-Well™ 3-in-1 Complete Formula" , which combines the most clinically studied probiotic strain, Lactobacillus GG†† , with the power of Omega-3s. The Lactobacillus GG helps to safely and naturally restore the balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract to boost digestion and works in the body’s core to provide immune support.* While the Omega-3 fatty acids provide heart-healthy nutrients proven to help maintain cardiovascular function.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
†† Based on the number of Lactobacillus GG clinical studies, as of May 2015.


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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Every Day with God: 365 Daily Devos for Girls (A VeggieTales Book) - #FlyBy Review and Giveaway

I received book for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

About the Book:

Every Day with God is the latest 365-day devotional (one for boys and another for girls) from VeggieTales. The updated content and art offer the perfect opportunity for parent and child to share time together each day. Each entry includes a Bible verse, short devotion, Thought of the Day, and prayer. The content will help children learn more about God and develop a daily practice to keep Him close in their lives. The book is perfect for bedtime reading, family devotion time, or as a fresh way to start each day!

My Review:

I think that devotionals are a great way to get in to the word of God.  They help us to decipher, allow us to reflect, and give us time to devote.  Most devotionals take a short time to read, yet the words leave a lasting impact.

Every Day with God: 365 Daily Devos for Girls is a devotional featuring VeggieTales characters.  It's a paperback book with a pink cover.  The first page in the book has a "To", "From", and "Date" section.  As you'd expect, there are a total of 365 devotionals.  For each day, there is a Bible verse and a Thought of the Day.  There's a summary of what the Bible verse means, and a short prayer to repeat.  Each page also shows the darling VeggieTales characters.  It's a book that encourages and uplifts.  I do wish there was a ribbon bookmark to keep track of which day you're on but, other than that, this is a great book that will help your child be closer to God and will help your girl better understand His unconditional love for her.

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Every Day with God: 365 Daily Devos for Girls (A VeggieTales Book) OR
Every Day with God: 365 Daily Devos for Boys (A VeggieTales Book).

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