Sunday, September 20, 2009

Heartbreak Kid

My 10 yoa son, Adam, seems to always have a following of girls who have crushes on him. He just takes it in stride and shrugs it off. We attended a wedding reception last night and the funniest thing happened. A 9 yoa girl, a daughter of one of the groomsmen, approached my son and politely asked if he would dance with her. When asked why he declined, he told me it's because he's picky about his girls. In my mind, I'm thinking he better be picky because there's no girls he should be interested in at this age.

Adam proceeded to go outside with me and this girl followed. Let me tell you, she's a persistent one! She advised him that one dance would not kill him and there was no reason for him to say no. It was rather funny watching them two with their conversation. She was sure she could talk him into it, but he was not falling for it.

A little later, Adam was slow dancing with his sister and with me. Apparently this girl saw it and just started breaking out in tears. Her little heart was broke that he wouldn't have anything to do with her. The tears were flowing like waterworks.
After some consideration and promises that no one would make fun of him or give him a hard time, my son caved in and danced with her.

While dancing with her, my oldest daughter started crying. What the heck, is it estrogen night?? She's crying because she thought it was so cute to see her brother dancing with a girl and she realized that he's growing up to be a fine young man. Isn't that supposed to be the mother's job, to cry about stuff like that? Oh no, Shelby wouldn't stop crying because her little brother is growing up too quick.

Do you think the tears stopped there? Absolutely not. Shelby dances the next slow song with Adam and now the both of them are crying! Apparently Shelby was telling Adam how much she loves her little brother and how he'll always be special to her. So now Adam is crying along with her.

It does feel good to know that my handsome young man is protected by his sister and the sibling love is there. Now I've got to work on Shelby getting along with her other brother!

The one on the left is Adam, the heartbreak kid. Shelby's in the middle. My other son, Logan, on the other side.


"Miss" Anita said...

Thanks for the laughs! (I can't imagine my own 9 yo daughter asking ANY boy to dance with her... ack!)