Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Sell Enough To Get A New School?


Courtesy of The Un Mom, I am participating in Random Tuesday Thoughts. Here are the current thinkings inside my head:

I'm so glad that magazine sales are over. Three of my kids were selling magazine subscriptions as a fundraiser for their school and it was a lot of work finding suckers people willing to buy magazines. And with all the incentives given to the kids, they focused more on that than they did their schoolwork. Too bad fundraising didn't count as a grade. They would've gotten an A.
One of my step-daughters is selling chocolate candy bars as a fundraiser for her school and we've had no problem getting rid of those. They've disappeared faster than Houdini. Family, friends, and total strangers are swooping them up like there's going to be a chocolate shortage in the near future. Note to schools: Magazine subscriptions are a flop. Keep up the chocolate bar sales. They're pretty popular in this neck of the woods.

How is it that I've got a closet full of clothes and still have nothing to wear? I've owned a lot of the same clothes for years. A fashion guru I'm not. But I don't think it'd hurt to wear something different once in a while. Speaking of closets, I may just clean mine out this evening and donate what I no longer wear to charity. It's time to find the Halloween decorations and get them set up. Can't do that until I wade through the other piles of useless junk in my closet.

How is it that two pre-teen boys with not an ounce of fat on them can eat you out of house and home? My boys, Logan and Adam, must have tapeworm because they want to eat from sunrise to sunset. Lunch can be over and they're immediately asking what's for supper. I've seen my grocery bill skyrocket just from those two alone. You couldn't tell it by looking at them. Must be their endless energy that keeps them from gaining an ounce.


I am Harriet said...

Welcome to fundraiser season. It costs a lot of money to fundraise doesn't it?
Have a great RTT!

Mike said...

Seems like they sell a lot more stuff now than they did when I was in school!

I also have clothes from years ago! I am hoping to wear them again one day! LOL! (Yea right)

Cassie said...

I second your candy bar petition. It used to be a lot easier to get rid of a box of candy bars than to sell the catalog junk my son's school is promoting.