Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Wonderful Wedding

My nephew got married yesterday and it was a joyous occasion. I had some doubts because the preparation was somewhat chaotic and stressful. However, the day of the wedding went well and I had a great time. My body ached by the end of the night and we slept in a lot longer than usual (including the children!) today.

The wedding party endured many hours of having their photo taken. By the end of the night my face hurt and I posed for what seemed like an eternity. My daughter took over 200 photos of the event so I have a lot of pics to scrapbook and remember the event.

Here are a few photos of the occasion:

My husband served as best man and I was a bridesmaid.

My husband and I with my three children.

This is the photographer's van on my truck. He was afraid of parking in the yellow line so he decided to eat my bumper instead!

Jumping for joy!

The wedding party

The beautiful couple, Justin and Yolanda

They are a wonderful couple that have been together for six years. They're perfect for each other and I love them both dearly.

I'll post some photos of the reception soon.


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Great photos. You and your husband are a very cute couple.