Sunday, June 6, 2010

Outdoor Adventures Review & Discount Code- Mountainsmith

Mountainsmith was founded in 1979 by Patrick Smith. His vision was to create a company that offers high quality outdoor gear based on the principles of value, durability, utility, and sustainability.

Over sixty percent of Mountainsmith's products contain ReDura materials, which is made of recycled plastic water bottles. Most Mountainsmith products are covered by a Lifetime Warranty against materials and workmanship defects. Their series includes camera, travel, backpack, and trekking products.

The Tailgater Cube is the product I received for review. I'm on a joint visitation of sorts with my husband with this because he's always wanting to use it and so am I. He takes it with him on the back of the golf cart and calls it his "fulls and empties" cube. One side holds the full beer cans while the other holds the empty ones.

When I am able to get this dual cube away from him, I use it to pack picnic food on one side and beverages on the other. It expands in the middle with a mesh compartment to hold plates and napkins.

The Tailgater Cube we have has been put through the test with the outdoor elements and has endured many uses. It has been rained on and has been covered in dust. Both the exterior and interior are easy to wipe clean, and the inside is roomy enough to pack a lot of food and beverages. The handle makes it easy to carry while the the cooler side keeps beverages cold. I have no doubt that I like everything about this cube, including the color of it. If I was to make a suggestion for improvement, it would be that it be available in a wider variety of colors.

Exclusive Discount Code:

Enter the code OUTDOORS25 for a 25% discount off any product on the site. This code is valid from June 6th to the 16th.


Momstart said...

i love that bag, looks like the perfect bag for a full day out in nature. what a great brand

Anonymous said...

I like your blog,... nice post keep blogging...

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Now that is perfect for tailgating how fun!!!