Saturday, June 19, 2010

Slow the Growth Spurt Anytime Now

My two boys are 13 months apart. For over seven years now I've relied on only buying one wardrobe for them. They've been the same exact height and weight for the longest time. To the point that people question if they're twins. It's been nice just having one closet, and the boys picking out their outfits from there.

Until now....

My son, Adam, was trying on clothes recently and complaining that very few of them fit. I was a little shell shocked because I knew that Logan had been wearing them just fine.

I found out the other day what the problem was. Adam has taken on a growth spurt. He took his shirt off in front of me and my jaw dropped to the floor. No longer the skin and bones he once was, he now has a little pudge. I'm betting he's put on almost fifteen pounds in the last few months. He's not big by any means, but he's no longer the same size as Logan.

The issue isn't that he's gained weight. He's still healthy for his size. The issue is that I now have to separate the boys' clothes, and can no longer rely on one lump wardrobe.

Oh, and there's the issue of my boys growing up way too fast. Or any of the kids for that matter.


ThinkFeminist said...
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Momstart said...

I feel that my kids grow up way to fast too and everyone thinks my kids are twins. My daughter is short and my son is tall so even though they are 14 months apart everyone asks, "are they twins". Of course, I've never been able to have them share very many clothes because my daughter loves the color purple too much.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh man the boys what is it the growth crazy spurt everywhere. I'm glad we're to shorts because they are made to be short vs Cole's jeans ... lol

ThinkFeminist said...

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