Monday, September 27, 2010

Mother Almost Commits Grand Theft Auto

Imagine this scenario:

A lady in her early sixties recently bought a Hyundai XG 350. She goes shopping at Walgreen's and afterwards goes to the parking lot to leave. She tries to unlock her vehicle with the remote. After this unsuccessful attempt she fumbles around and tries, again unsuccessfully, to open the door with her keys.

There's a crack in the window so this lady tries to put her arm through to get to the unlock button from the inside. Again, no success. She goes back into Walgreen's and asks for assistance from the employee at the photo counter. Being a good samaritan, this employee goes to the car and sticks her hand in the window. Now both the lady and the employee are doing everything they can to get this car unlocked.

It isn't until a few minutes later that they realize why they can't get the car unlocked. It's the wrong car!!

Yes, people, that lady is my mother!

*Photo courtesy of Crazy Dog T-Shirts.


the thrifty ba said...

at least it wasnt you!

M.A.D. said...

Omg ... that is something I would do! Oddly enough, today I *almost* got in the wrong Chevy :0

I had just put my hand on the handle when I happened to glance up to notice the man sitting in the driver's seat was NOT my bf!!!

..... SOOOO embarrassed! Hope your mom was able to salvage both her sense of humor AND dignity LOL

Traci66 said...

Don't claim her girl. Only kidding. Try living with her, it can be rather funny at times. She is still laughing about it, me too.

Nichol said...

OMG how funny. I went to Walmart the other day and went shopping and got in the wrong green van. Tried putting my key in and all and was like wait this isn't funny!

Frantic Holly said...

ROFL But you know how many of us have been in the same situation. All the cars are made to look the same with limited paint schemes. We have defining features on our cars for this very reason.

Marlene said...

Trying not to laugh...but failing miserably!!! LOL!

Busy Working Mama said...

LOL that's too funny! Once after a midnight Christmas mass I was SOOO tired coming out of church that I opened the first blue minivan door I saw, crawled in and laid down only to realzie - crap, that's not my dad sitting in the driver's seat.