Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Back On the Rambling Saddle

It's been a while since I've done Random Tuesday Thoughts. I've jumped back on the bandwagon and am ready to ramble on. If you'd like to participate you can link up at The Un Mom.

Had this nice discussion with my teenage daughter yesterday after seeing something she posted on Facebook.

Me: What's this post about? Did something bad happen today?
Her: I don't want to discuss it.
Me: You don't want to discuss it, yet you post it on Facebook for your entire 665 friends and their friends to read?
Her: I don't want to discuss it with YOU.

Oh, I get it...I'm just the mom.

We've made our fourth, and hopefully final, move at the campground last weekend. We're like a blog hop with our camper, we get around everywhere. The choice wasn't easy to make. Me and my hubby discussed whether to move to the new lot. It even got to where we were flipping coins. I think the discussion went on longer than the one on whether we should get married or not. After just resigning ourselves and weighing the pros and cons, we hooked our camper up and moved from one lot to another halfway across the campground.

After that tedious job (I supervised and stressed quite well) it was an even more tedious job getting the deck torn apart and moved to the new lot. I was amazed at how many men jumped in and helped. If it wasn't for them, we'd still be putting it together piece by piece.

Another great conversation from the people who pulled into our old lot and thought they were going to get to keep the deck:

Them: Excuse me, can we help you?
Jason: I'm just here to measure the deck and get it ready to be moved.
Them: That's our deck.
Jason: Um no, it's not. It's been with us and it's going with us.
Them: Then you'll be supplying the grass seed that goes underneath to make the grass grow.
Jason: Nope.

Really? Are you serious? It's not like we left it there for six months, then decided to pick it up. Less than 24 hrs. later and they laid claim on it. Better get some lumber and building supplies pronto there buddies.

I cannot believe it's almost fall already. Autumn is my favorite season of the year, but these past nine months have gone by way too fast. Camping season will be over in just a little over a month. Once that happens, I'll be curled up into a ball in the fetal position.

My middle step-daughter had her first volleyball game yesterday. She is one heck of a powerhouse hitter! And yes, I am proud to say her team won.


Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I'm not looking forward to Princess Nagger getting to FB age - I'm sure I'll be having the same conversation with her!

Will you be posting pictures of the new spot now that you're all moved? And sheesh, those people that moved into your old spot had a lot of nerve expecting you to leave your awesome deck, or plant grass.

You're right - the past 9 months have gone by way too fast! Though my favorite season is Fall, so I'm hoping not to blink and have it gone as quickly. ;)

WooHoo! on your middle step-daughter's team winning! :)

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kyooty said...

Happy RTT! Sounds like you are still in camping mode?

Nicki said...

Found your blog through the Random Tuesday chain, and I have to say the deck exchange cracked me up. "Nope." Really? Grass seed? People are ridiculous.

For me, autumn is the best camping season--warm enough during the day but cold enough at night for a campfire!

Rachele said...

I'm not an avid camper. Moving around the campground sounds like added adventure...and work. Glad you're making the most of it.

I don't look forward to the days my kids don't want to confide in me. I remember not wanting to tell my parents anything. I guess it should be expected, not that that makes it easier.

sweetpea08 said...

The conversations cracked me up! Especially the ones with the deck!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh man FB mom stalker ... lol. I just had this conversation with my mom but I must say I'm 34 ... hehe

REALLY they tried to claim your deck! Did you move closer to your sis? Hope it was a good move.

YEAH to the team win :)

Keely said...

"just the mom". Yep. Aren't we all.

I love "People" and their sense of self-entitlement to things like...grass seed.

Nichol said...

We like the fall but that just means blizzards are around the corner....so not ready for that yet. Summer went way to fast. I woke up this morning with frost on our cars:(