Monday, December 20, 2010

Random Acts of Zhu

Giving and helping those less fortunate during the holiday season, or anytime of the year, always leaves me with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Three times a year me and the kids clean house thoroughly and donate our gently used clothes and toys to local charity organizations. It not only keeps my home clutter-free, it also leaves us happy knowing that someone else will get use out of the items we no longer use.

Cepia LLC was kind enough to send me and 99 other bloggers Zhu Zhu Pets to give to charitable organizations this holiday season. The delivery truck showed up at my door a few weeks ago with thirteen boxes filled with 104 Zhu Zhu Pets to donate. My children were as equally excited as I was. They already own a number of Zhu Zhu Pets and accessories, and wanted other children to experience the joy and fun of owning one.

100 bloggers + 104 Zhu Zhu Pets each to give away = a lot of happy children this Christmas.

The task of donating so many toys was rewarding, and even hard at times. Me and the kids brainstormed about the different organizations we wanted to donate them to. After contacting some of our first choices, we found out that no mention could be made by blogging about it due to their privacy laws. For those organizations, we instead anonymously donated our gently used clothing and toys that we had bagged up.

My oldest daughter is in Key Club at her school. It is an after-school extracurricular club where the students donate their time and services to organizations. It's basically community service, except they choose to do it. One service that Key Club is participating in during the holidays is raising money and getting donations for Toys for Tots. Shelby donated a large number of the Zhu Zhu Pets to Toys for Tots during one of her Key Club meetings. Pictured with her is one of the spokespersons for Toys for Tots.

These two girls pictured above, along with a handful of their peers, were each given a Zhu Zhu Pet. Names of the girls and the organization will be withheld due to request of privacy. I actually wrapped the Zhu Zhu Pets in wrapping paper and presented one to each of the kids. The smiles and grins on their faces were enough to melt my heart.

Me and the four youngest kids headed to the local mall one afternoon to donate some Zhu Zhu Pets. Some of them were set in the Good News of Christmas bin. Good News of Christmas was started as a local project to help selected people with their holiday requests due to hardships. We then donated more in the Toys for Tots bin that was located inside the Dress Barn store. The associate at Dress Barn was amazed at the donation and couldn't express her thanks enough.

I donated the remainder of the Zhu Zhu Pets to the 2nd Annual Courthouse Caring for Christmas Charity bin that was set up at work. It has become a tradition for city and county government employees to select an organization in need and donate requested supplies to them. This year's selected organization was Madonna House, a not-for-profit organization that helps homeless women and their children.

I'd like to give a heartfelt thanks to Cepia LLC for making it possible for bloggers to donate the Zhu Zhu Pets and make a brighter Christmas for children. I was happy to have been given the task.

More Information About Random Acts of Zhu:
ZhuZhu Pets®, the 2010 “Toy of the Year” that has taken over the hearts of kids everywhere, are now taking over the blogosphere and zhu-ooming into the holiday season with the spirit of giving. This December, Cepia LLC, the makers of ZhuZhu Pets® are spreading joy to children across the country by providing 100 bloggers with ZhuZhu Pets® and accessories to be donated to their charity of choice.

The toy donations aim to spread holiday cheer through Cepia's charitable giving program, Random Acts of Zhu (RAZ), and to inspire others to participate in charitable acts this holiday season. RAZ was initiated in 2009 and has been responsible for bringing thousands of ZhuZhu Pets® to pediatric hospitals across America during Cepia's "Christmas in July" toy drops. Last holiday season ZhuZhu Pets® initiated its "Santa's Helpers Program," spurring the delivery of ZhuZhu Pets® to eager children on Christmas morning in order to fulfill Santa's promise to deliver the number one toy on every child's wish list.

ZhuZhu Pets® became the No. 1 toy for children last holiday season and have gone on to be named the 2010 "Toy of the Year." ZhuZhu Pets® engage children and their imaginations for hours just like real hamsters, but without the maintenance and mess. They dart around, scurry from place to place and make unique sounds and noises. Children have the opportunity to build, change and rearrange their hamster habitats for a unique, interactive play experience every time.

I received Zhu Zhu Pets on behalf of Cepia LLC to donate. I received no monetary compensation. The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.


Anonymous said...

How truly amazing! I bet you all had more than a "warm fuzzy feeling" inside after donating the Zhu Zhu pets. Truly wonderful!

Felicia said...

Such great places you guys donated!!! I know so many lives were touched!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

That is so sweet and so needed! I know the Salvation Army here say they have 1/3 of the gifts they usually have and sadly the demand has grown so they are in desperate need for toys.