Sunday, December 5, 2010

Welcome Aboard the Winner's Wagon

A number of my giveaways have ended and the winners have been randomly drawn:

The winner of the Pawparazzi giveaway is #196, Haydensmommy05 (confirmed).

The winner of the PlumbPretty giveaway is #14, Susie (confirmed).

The winner of the Opposite Day DVD giveaway is #51, Carol (confirmed).

The winner of the ThinkGeek giveaway is #234, bayctygrl.

The six winners of the Fundex Game giveaway are:
#6, 3 Giggly Monsters
#132, JR911
#12, Charlotte Kay
#153, Lexigurl
#87, Darcie K.
#135 Anonymous

The winner of The Club No One Wanted To Join book giveaway is #1, debbie.

The winner of the Pantzies giveaway is #1, Benita.

Wow, #1 was chosen twice! For the unconfirmed winners, I have sent an email and you will have 48 hrs. to respond to email notification or new winner(s) will be drawn.

Thanks to the entrants, congrats to the winners, and much appreciation to the sponsors. I still have lots of other giveaways that can be entered. They're listed at the top right hand side of my blog.


debbie said...

Thank you for the book. Congrats to the other winners,also.