Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Help Keep Kids Healthy with Clorox Classrooms

Keeping my kids healthy is important to me. My heart breaks when one of them is ill, watching them suffer. And, having six kids, it's like a domino effect if one gets sick. Once one gets a cold or flu, it goes downhill and gets passed on until each kid has suffered the symptoms.

Schools are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. I can't guarantee my children won't get sick from coming in contact with other kids or school items, but I can help prevent it from happening.

To help parents and teachers create healthier classrooms, Clorox has launched Clorox Classrooms. This website provides parents with health tips and resources to help them keep kids healthy at home and school, and to support a healthy classroom.

For parents, there is a classroom supply checklist to help your child's teacher keep the classroom healthier and cleaner. There are also helpful resources, tips on disinfecting germy household hotspots, and tips on extending healthy hygiene at home.

Teachers can receive access to tips, tools, and resources for teaching healthy habits. There are lessons and activities, which meet educational standards, that help teach about germs and hygiene. By signing up for the email newsletter, teachers will receive information about classroom curriculums, and exclusive teacher offers and grants. Until February 28th, K-5th grade teachers can enter the free book sweepstakes for a chance to win fifty new books to stock their classroom book shelves.

Parents, teamed with teachers, can work together to help prevent sickness among our most precious...our children.

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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

There are so many nasty bugs going around that it's nearly impossible to NOT catch them >.<

We need ALL the help we can get!