Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Information Regarding My Blog Giveaways

A couple of months ago I held a review and giveaway for Pravana, with six winners to receive shampoo and conditioner sets. I've been blogging for a year and a half now, and this particular review/giveaway has been my biggest frustration yet. I've emailed the company numerous times, with only one response. That response was that they'd forward the email to another department to check into it. With that recent occurance, I'd like to let my readers know of some information in regards to my reviews and giveaways:

1. I am not responsible for unfulfilled or lost wins. That may sound harsh, but I've done my part with the company by reviewing their product and offering the giveaway if they want one. It is few and far between, but there are cases where companies don't or won't fulfill their obligations. I enter quite a few blog giveaways myself, and have had wins that never came in or eventually came in months later. It's definitely not fair to the blog owners and the entrants when the companies do this, but it is the company's doing...not mine.

2. In the same regards as the first, I will not pay out-of-pocket if a win does not come through. I have, on a couple of occasions, made an exception and offered someone a different win if the first one never showed and the other was unclaimed. I'll continue to do this, but at my discretion.

3. If you don't receive a win within six weeks, please email me and let me know. Don't email the sponsor first. I keep a folder of all my sent emails and there have been occasions when wins don't come in, only to find out that I've emailed them but they didn't receive it for whatever reason. Case in point: My Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Uno Review and Giveaway. There were six winners for that as well, most who were kind enough to email me and let me know they had not received it after a while. I emailed the sponsor who advised they never received the winner's list. I was able to check my sent emails folder and see that I did, indeed, email them with the required info. Once it was cleared, the company was very quick and proficient in sending out the Uno games.

4. Please leave your email address in the comments of your entries. There's ways to do it to avoid spambots. It's makes things so much simpler to pick a winner and email them from the information they left in their comment.

5. If you say you follow via GFC, subscribe by email, etc. please ensure that you are doing so. I don't have a problem so much with the GFC followers but there are a few email subscribers that actually aren't. I do have ways of checking. If you choose to subscribe by email (which I'd be thrilled if you do or already do) then please confirm it.

6. Don't let one or two letdowns keep you from entering giveaways and finding out about companies. I cannot reiterate enough that it's few and far between that companies don't fulfill their obligations. Most are very cordial and pleasant to work with. Don't let a few bad apples ruin the whole bushel.

7. Regarding my giveaways, as I cannot speak for others, there is no limit to how many you can enter or how often you can win. So if you see more than one on the same end date that you'd like to enter, go for it. There's a possibility you'd be the winner of more than one.

8. Have fun! I enjoy doing reviews and giveaways to learn of the various products out there. I like to let my readers know of my experiences with the products. Most of all, I appreciate all those who stop by my blog and enter my giveaways and/or read my reviews.

Are there any tips or requirements that you'd like to get across to blog owners or PR agencies? Do you have any particular concerns or ideas that would make everything easier for the entrants, blog owners, and/or PR agencies? I'd love to hear what you have to say.


Nichol said...

It is very frustrating when companies do not come through. I have also heard of bloggers emailing the companies. People who enter giveaways need to know that "most" of the time we are dealing with pr reps, not the company, so to email the company before we have a chance to looks bad on our part, like we are not doing our job to get their prize to them. Please email the blog owner who is hosting the giveaway if your prize does not arrive. We will get it taken care of for you. If not this is when I have had to go over the reps head and get on the phone and speak to the company. Not my favorite thing to do, but I have had to do it. I agree also, don't get discouraged. We host many reviews/giveaways throughout the year, and it's rare prizes don't get sent out, although it does happen (and it shouldn't)

Busy Working Mama said...

I have only had one company not come through and I'm glad that's it. It sure is frustrating when prizes are late, but also some winners expect a prize within 1-2 weeks and that doesn't always happen.

Life Is A SandCastle said...

Well said, We just had a silimar discussion at my blog too @ http://lifeisasandcastle.blogspot.com/2011/01/prizes-contests-giveaways-in-general.html

Amy @ Coffee with the Mrs. said...

I've had very few issues but recently, I can't get the people who agreed to the review and giveaway to answer my emails. It's super annoying. ANSWER ME, REP! Hmph!

jakiesmom said...

terra- you are always super to work with in regards to winning giveaways. i have won several times on your blog. i recently won one and i thought i had sent a response and you were so awesome to check back with me a few days later because you hadn't received my response. That was awesome! Thank you for all your hard work

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I think those are all very good rules, comments and advice on the subject!

Unfortunately, you are right-Some companies just don't fulfill their end of the bargain when it comes to these things and the blog owner and giveaway winner end up suffering.

But there are SO many great companies out there that 1 little happening shouldn't discourage people :)

Thanks for these words and doing your best for your readers!

Business Promotional Products said...

This is really great. Thank you for this, and I hope I can also win in one of your giveaways.