Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Would It Just Quit Snowing Already

Making its away around to another week is Random Tuesday Thoughts, hosted by The Un Mom.


I cannot reiterate enough how much I dread winter. It seems my brain short circuits when it's cold and covered with white masses of messes called snow. If it weren't for my family, I'd be on the first jet plane to sunshine.

The other night I went bowling with some of my co-workers. I had on my game face, but apparently not my game play. I barely broke 100 the first game and got only half that the second. I don't forsee anyone calling me to join a league.

Out of curiosity, what's with all the blogs making the move from Blogger to WordPress? I don't have anything against either, although I find that Blogger is more user-friendly for my own personal preferences. I've just noticed an uprise in going from one to another.

Speaking of blogs, I recently went through the list of blogs I was following and found that I need to unsubscribe to 160 of them. Yes, that's a helluva lot! It's not because I've lost interest in those particular blogs. It's because they've fell off the face of the earth, the majority of them with no explanation. A little heads up would be nice.

I tried going through and managing my blog list so I could unsubscribe to all the ones that are no longer active, but it seems Blogger doesn't want to cooperate and I keep getting an error message when trying to do so. Who knew it was so easy to follow but so hard to mass unfollow!

Saturday night I attended the campground's annual winter dinner and auction. It was so nice visiting with my "summer family". I took a few items to be auctioned, one of them being a new Zhu Zhu Pet. Now, we all know how much one costs in a store. Somebody bought that thing for $30!

My oldest step-daughter turned 16 a couple of days ago. She gets the short end of the stick and her birthday gets hastily planned every year. I'm usually the one in charge of all the kids' birthday parties, but I told my husband to text everyone and let them know of the upcoming birthday party. He did as he told. He text EVERYONE in his contact list and we now have a few more extra guests than I planned. I'm all for having people come over. The more, the merrier. But my home is rather small for a large gathering. We're going to play the party game "See how many people you can pack in like sardines". Thanks, honey, for doing exactly what you were told.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. Think I'm going to go hibernate. Wake me when it's done snowing.


Anonymous said...

I've always been on Wordpress so I am biased. I have noticed more and more people whose blogs I read just up and stop. Kind of sad. I mean, I know I won't blog forever - probably anyway - but still, a little head's up would be nice.

Vi said...

I found the same problem when I tried to unsubscribe from some disappearing bloggers blogs the other day. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Julie from Momspective said...

Because Blogger is the devil. I use WP. I think it's smoother with the control panel and you have total control over everything. I like that there's no use for capcha and commenting is faster. It's awesome.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I have noticed a bunch of blogs I follow dropping off too.

WP sounds great but the move would be expensive for me. I haven't had trouble with Blogger so there I will stay.

Stacy Uncorked said...

I had Blogger issues which made me move over to Wordpress a year ago - I haven't looked back (though I still haven't figured out the magic code to forward my Blogger blog direct to Wordpress...maybe some day I'll figure it out!)

You can send any unwanted snow in our direction - we keep getting promised snow, but we've been bypassed. I'd rather see the white stuff than the winter gray we have going on. ;)

RTT: FedEx, Renovations, Snow

Christina said...

I hear lots of blogs on make it for about six months and then fizzle out. I also need to purge a lot from my list.

The Crazy Coxes said...

January must be the month to clean out the Google Reader and blog roll! I'm doing the same thing.

I'm a bigger fan of blogger than wordpress....cuz I'm not that smart, and blogger is easier for me! ;)

Great random! I love that your Zhu Zhu pet sold for $30! Happy Tuesday!

ape2016 said...

If it's going to be cold, I would just as rather have snow. That being said, after 3 years in Alaska and 7 in upstate NY, I moved to FL hoping to never see winter again. Guess what? I didn't like living there, ended up in KY. We get winter, but not like in the north, so I guess I will just deal.

JR911 said...

AMEN!!! It can stop snowing any day now.....I'm sick of it already. Used to be we didn't get the bad stuff until mid-January, now I've had 2 yrs of snow piles in December. GO AWAY WINTER!

Cheryl said...

Oh how I despise the winter. There is only one thing that I like is the rest from the fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. But, then again who even wants to go out side because it is so cold. I just will never be happy unless I am living in a tropical destination.

I need to do a major, major cleaning of the blogs I follow. I just haven't figured out how to manage them yet.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I really need to clean up my list follow so many and some don't follow back or comment back. Hehe I know I'm a whiner.

Love ur randomness ;)

tattytiara said...

I know! I keep expecting to hit some kind of brick wall with blogger when it becomes crystal clear why I can't continue on blogger anymore and must move to wordpress, but until I do hit it I have no idea what that wall's made of or where it stands.

Nichol said...

I could never mass unfollow on blogger, always got the error. So I went to WP for many reasons. I would write posts on blogger, hit publish, get an error and my post was gone. As you know my reviews are not short. So I'd have to write again. I was writing in office for the longest time until it expired. I think Wordpress is way more user friendly then blogger. Everything is simple and I do highly recommend changing over:) I'm loving it a lot. Speaking of unsubscribing I have to so this as well. So many blogs just gone, poof!