Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Snowmageddon

This Tuesday morning brings forth the promise of another Random Tuesday Thoughts by The Un Mom.  It also brings forth the promise of 18-24 inches of snow in my area by nightfall.


According to every weather forecast in my viewing area, we are supposed to get bombarded with a winter storm.  The local Wal-Mart is out of milk, school is cancelled, and businesses are preparing to close early in preparation for the harshness that is about to come our way.  What I have in the pantry will have to suffice for a Snowmageddon.  Food, water, and and emergency supplies still cost money and Mr. Winter didn't get the official notice that I don't get paid till Thursday. 

Speaking of winter emergencies, I received word that I need to pack an overnight travel bag when I go into work tonight.  On the chance that I will be stuck there and can't return home.  My idea of a dream overnight stay doesn't exactly involve cuddling with my co-workers.  Hope they don't mind my snoring.


I'm not a die-hard Twilighter but I've read all the books and watched all the movies once.  I finally got around to watching Eclipse the other night and coerced my husband into watching it with me, thinking he might get into the whole love/vampire/werewolf/bad Kristen Stewart acting scene.  After viewing the movie and asking what he thought, this is the conversation he spewed forth.: 

"Heck no I didn't like it.  I knew I wouldn't.  The WHOLE movie was about "I love him. No wait, I love the other one.  No wait, I think I love them both."  Oh, and two guys fighting over a girl who has no personality or abilities."

No, really honey, what did you think of the movie.


The other day I had four top teeth pulled.  It was as close to torture as one could go with me.  I couldn't play the caring, coddling mother to my 12 year old son who had a fever of 102.4 for two days.  So we both lay like sloths, waiting for our pain to end.


My 11 year old son, Adam, won his first RC race Saturday.  He won all three heats and the overall feature race for his class.  He's always raced for fun, but I loved seeing the super big smile on his face when he came home with a 1st place sign.


Me, my sister, mother, and 12 year old son have taken up the hobby of beading necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  We are currently doing it for fun.  After some discussion, we are considering setting up an Etsy shop where we will sell the jewelry.  The whole process is still in its planning stages and I'm doing lots of research on my own.  I'd like to ask you though, do you have any advice or tips for selling jewelry or setting up an Etsy shop?


Anonymous said...

My husband feels the same way about Twilight. I liked the books alright but once I saw the movies, I realized how much I didn't like the plot at all. There's better vampire stuff out there!

The Crazy Coxes said...

I love your husbands synopsis of Twilight...and that is exactly why I didn't read the books or see the movies.

If my work told me to bring an overnight bag, I'd tell them they were crazy! That's wild.
I hope you make it home!

Toesthattwinkle! said...

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Shannon said...

I couldn't get my husband to watch Twilight.

My brother, on the other hand, has seen all 3 movies and actually likes them!

Danielle said...

So I know this may sound crazy but I miss the winter storms granted I don't want to get caught in one as I make my way back to Oklahoma next week but I so love the snow and all of that and it makes me sad living in California where it is not always sunny as the tv would have you believe...anyway stay safe out there in the midst of it all

Marlene said...

I'm so NOT looking forward to the ice storm. ICK.

You poor thing...four teeth removed!?! OUCH!!!!!

Don't have any advice about Etsy as I've never opened a shop there. Good luck, though!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I'm right there with you and the snowmageddon >.<

Seriously, I woke up to 13+ inches {way better then the forecasted 20+ inches originally thought}. The good thing is that school was canceled, so I got to sleep in :)

I LOVE your Twilight story-That had me giggling xD Don't worry though-Most men don't like it.

I hope you and your son feel better! It's so not fun being in pain :(

Congratulations to your son for winning though! That's so amazing!

And lastly, if you need any help or advice with your Etsy shop, let me know! I currently have 2 shops and have been at it for almost 2 years.

I really need to start getting back into it though!

Jennie @ Modern Mamaz said...

Aside from California, I'm pretty sure Idaho is the only place in the country that ISN'T supposed to get dumped on. Yay for me!

I love the snow... until Christmas, then I'm over it!