Tuesday, March 1, 2011

31 Day Photo and Prompt Challenge - Day 1

It's Gravy, Baby! is hosting a fun 31 day challenge for bloggers to post answers to different questions about themselves. I can't promise I'll remember to participate everyday, but I thought it sounded like a fun way to let my readers know a little more about me.

Day #1 Challenge: A Photo of Yourself with 10 Facts.

This picture was taken of me sometime in January. My look changes often, depending on how much weight I lose or gain. Right now I'm feeling like a bloated whale. It also depends on how I feel like doing my hair that particular day.

Facts about me:

1. I've been married three times, twice to the same man. (Don't ask me what I was thinking!) I didn't get it right the first or second time, but this one has been going strong for eight years now.

2. I can orally spell words backwards at proficient speed. I've even mastered saying the alphabet out loud backwards. It's an OCD thing.

3. I am a teenage pregnancy statistic. I had my first child at the age of 17. I wouldn't recommend it, but I don't regret it.

4. I was vice president and peer educator of FHA (Future Homemakers of America) in high school. I travelled to other schools talking to students and teachers. I got booted out of that position when I got pregnant. Apparently educating and speaking to my peers about not making bad choices when I was doing them myself was frowned upon. Go figure!

5. I hate the number 6. It reminds me of Satan's status symbol. It's not the solitary number itself, but it CANNOT add up to the dreaded triple 6 number. Doing things in groups of six is a big no-no. For instance, I cannot wash six utensils, six plates, and six forks together. Yet another OCD thing

6. (Ack, that awful number!) I've had my fair share of surgeries. If you count the birth of children as surgery, I've went down that road three times. I've had surgeries to have my tonsils, adenoids, and gall bladder removed. Ear tube insertion surgery has been experienced five times. My latest surgery was done on my nose for deviated septum. The tonsil surgery was done on my 13th birthday. What a way to be transitioned into becoming a teenager...or not.

7. I have one tattoo on my right leg of a red electric guitar with the word 'Dad' on top. It's in memory of my late father. I currently have my ears pierced, but used to have my tongue and nose pierced. Word to the wise: Don't ever let your brother pierce your nose with an earring gun. Take it to the professionals. Seriously.

8. I have worked as a 9-1-1 dispatcher for the last 6.5 years. I dispatch for the local fire, sheriff, police, and ambulance agencies. Ahh, the stories I could tell....but won't.

9. Every weekend, for seven months out of the year, me and my family camp at the local campground. We have our own permanent sites. During the months when we are not there due to the weather, I count down the days when it will open again. Yes, we love it that much.

10. I falter in the whole organized religion thing, but I believe in God and all of His blessings. I pray several times a day. Trust me, my life story is a soap opera in and of itself. There's no way possible I haven't been able to pull through it without a guiding hand from the Creator himself.

There you have it! Ten facts don't tell you everything about me, but you have an idea.


Anonymous said...

How fun. I can't wait to read about your camping weekends again. You and your family have so much fun. And spelling backwards, forget it!

Shawna Bates said...

I just did this today! I didn't know it was going on around blog land I found it on facebook!! I thought it was a neat idea too!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Love it girlie :). Very cute picture too!

P.S. HUGS hun you know I would love to do a cookbook. One day ... hehe

Leanne said...

I had surgeries for ear tubes, tonsils and adenoids, and my deviated septum, too. Oh what a thing to have in common! ;-)

We love to camp, too! I wish we could go more often!