Friday, March 25, 2011

31 Day Photo and Prompt Challenge - Day 18

Today's challenge by it's gravy, baby! is to post about things we are afraid of.

There are four things in particular I'm afraid of:

1. Dentists - That's part of the reason why my teeth are jacked up. I won't go to the dentist unless absolutely necessary. I had a bad experience as a child and it's traumatized me ever since. I've been going quite a bit lately so I can get dentures in place of my top teeth, but I still have serious anxiety attacks. Nitrous has been my friend through it all.

2. Worms - My fear has waned a little throughout the years. I can now find myself within the same vicinity as the slimy things, but I refuse to touch one. No way, no how! I blame that fear on my sister. She's been deathly afraid of them ever since I can remember and I think that fear passed on to me. I can't blame her for being afraid of them though. Our other sister dumped a bunch of worms down her pants when she was a kid.

3. Freddy Krueger - I love to watch horror movies and thrillers, but this monster has scarred me for life. From the first time a girl on the bus explained the first Nightmare on Elm Street movie to me, I became a slave to sleep. Watching the movie made it even worse. I was so terrified of going to sleep that I would hold on to every ounce of staying awake until my eyelids couldn't take it anymore. Some nights I'd sleep in my brother's room so he'd protect me from the evil Freddy. Other nights I'd surround myself with stuffed animals and a plastic Bible keychain. Anything to keep from dying in my sleep by a maniac wielding razors for fingers. To this day, I cannot even stand to see a picture of Freddy.

4. Death - My religious views lead me to believe I'll be in a better place when I die. However, I'm afraid of leaving behind my children or not seeing them grow up. I'm also fearful of others dying. I've had a lot of loved ones leave me behind and if I think too long about losing others, I become depressed.

What things are you afraid of?