Friday, March 11, 2011

I Can Now Cross Flying Off My Bucket List

the Cessna Propeller plane

Hello, my name is Terra. I'm 34 years old and finally flew on a plane for the first time (sounds a little like an introduction to an AA meeting).

When I first found out I'd be flying for a media event, it wasn't the fear of flying itself that got me. It was the fear of getting lost in the terminal or being groped by security. Although I've formed the opinion that security must take training in how to be as unfriendly as possible, I never received an infamous pat-down. The biggest snafu was that my bags were checked more than once because the travel mirror I brought along caused alarm.

Being herded like cattle through security with thousands of other people while having to strip my shoes and jacket at warp speed was about as fun as a colon cleansing.

I expressed my concerns about getting lost before I left. I was reassured that airport personnel would be considerate and helpful in telling me where I needed to go. THEY LIED! I only came across one airline personnel that realized I was a lost lamb and helped me on my way. I actually had one tell me I needed to take a shuttle to a certain area to find my driver and if he wasn't there, I needed to just fend for myself. How reassuring.
Bye-bye St. Louis

If it hadn't of been for one passenger going to St. Louis like I was on the way home, I'd still be stranded in Miami. We thought we were supposed to stay on the plane to take us to St. Louis, but we were told we needed to unboard while the crew changed shifts then we could get back on the same plane. Come to find out, that wasn't the case at all. We were to catch another plane and to get there you had to go up escalators, take a shuttle, go up more escalators, go down escalators, stand on your head, do the Moonwalk, and twirl like a ballerina.

above the clouds

My first and last flights were on a Cessna propellar plane that held a total of ten people. And that included the pilot and co-pilot. No joke! I didn't find the flight to be bad at all, but I advise anyone flying for the first time who has a fear of flying itself to not take a plane the size of a large goose. I can see where it would definitely heighten the fear.

I was in the back seat and could see my pilot in the front seat.

Flying on a Boeing 747 jets was as easy as pie. Landings are a little jarring and the seats are mighty uncomfortable, but it does the trick of taking you where you need to go. It's really no big deal.

I only had one major meltdown during the whole flight experience. It was when I got off at the Orlando airport and looked for my driver. I searched far and wide, from sea to shining sea. No one was around waiting for little ole' me. It was during that time I was told I needed to fend for myself. Fend for myself, hell! I called my husband (like he could do anything!) and unleashed my anxieties on him. I finally received a call from the Diva Limousine company and they were extremely helpful. The guy stayed on the phone with me while he directed me to my driver. He was like my invisible lifeline. In fact, I'd like to give a quick shout out to Diva Limousine for all their services and kindness. Seriously, they were super nice and didn't seem to mind having to cater to all of us rambunctious and chatty bloggers.

When I arrived home on Wednesday, I walked in the door to find a beautiful bouquet of carnations in a vase with a 'Welcome Home' balloon from my husband. I was only gone for two and a half days, but you would've thought I'd been gone for two and a half months. I was surprised and very heartened by the gesture. He loves me, he really loves me!

my beautiful flower arrangement and balloon

Now that I've flown on five planes and learned some of the tricks of the airline trade, I can hopefully be more experienced on my next air travel.

I received no compensation for this post. It is a general post about my flying experience. My travel accommodations were provided by the PR agency who sponsored the event, but the opinions are of my own. Please do your own research before purchasing products or services. Your opinions and results may differ.


Gretta said... did it! My first flying experience was at the age of 19 and my first plane ride was a non-stop flight from Atlanta, GA to Moscow, Russia. We were on that plane ride for over a day so it was definitely a "breaking in quick" experience.

Hope you had a great trip too!

Shauna said...

You will be an expert now! That was so SWEET of your hubby! How awesome! Hugs woman! :)

Julie from Momspective said...

YAY! I love flying so much I'm becoming a Flight Attendant (ideally, I"m waiting on a start date). Awesome post!

Shawna said...

Oh Helen. Sorry you had some trouble.

BusyWorkingMama said...

Holy mother mary! You not only flew but you flew in one of THOSE tin cans?!! I applaud you. I get nervous even on a "real" plane. Go Terra, go!!

Mommy Mentor Child Sleep Coach said...

I am so glad you made it despite your troubles. :( It makes me sad all over again to think of you in this situation.