Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm a Crest Pro-Health Invigorating Rinse Test Drive Participant

Whoo hoo!  I've been selected, among others, to participate in the Crest Pro-Health Invigorating Rinse Test Drive.  This means I'll be using this new rinse from Crest and determining how well I like it.  And you, my followers, will get to read all about it.  Stand in a single file line to board the excitement train!

As some of you know, my top teeth are already beyond repair.  In a little over a month, I will be having them replaced with falsies.  Until that time, I'd like to do the best I can to ensure they don't become worse.  I know that sounds weird.  Why care about them when I'm getting them yanked out anyway?!  Because a month is a long time and I don't want them to look any worse. 

Besides that, I'm keeping my bottom teeth.  It's imperative that I do all I can to preserve them.  They are in decent shape and I would honestly like to keep them.  That being said, I'm elated to try the Crest Pro-Health Invigorating Clean Multi-Protection Rinse.  There's nothing I can do about my top teeth, but I'm going to fight like a champ to ensure I have healthy gums and bottom teeth. 

I wasn't always the best at taking care of my teeth and gums.  Within the last couple of years, I've practiced hygiene skills I should've taken up a long time ago.  I brush and floss daily.  I also use mouthwash from time to time.  I've made up my mind, though, that I'm going to use the Crest Pro-Health Invigorating Rinse daily.  Having fresh breath and a clean mouth are things that may not have been important to me years ago, but they're definitely important to me now.

I received the big bottle of rinse in the mail a couple of days ago and have used it twice so far.  My initial impression is that it's not overpowering with an alcohol or minty taste.  Points for that one.  It's dark, dark green in color.  I've never really noticed a rinse in that particular color before, but it's not something that I feel negatively about.  

Here are the six benefits of using the Crest Pro-Health Invigorating Clean Multi-Purpose Rinse:

1.  Kills germs
2.  Helps prevent gingivitis
3.  Freshens breath
4.  Reduces plaque
5.  Keeps teeth cleaner longer
6.  Invigorating sensation

I'll be keeping you updated on the results and my overall opinion of the Crest Pro-Health Invigorating Rinse once I've used it for a while.  Stay tuned.

I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Crest and received a sample to facilitate my candid review.  Mom Central Consulting sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.  The opinions within this post are of my own.  Please do your own research before purchasing product.  Your opinions and results may differ.