Monday, July 18, 2011

Campground Games

A couple of weekends ago the activity director at camp held an obstacle course of sorts at the camp.  Adults and kids of all ages participated.  Although it was simple, it was fun.  Fairly common objects were used. I think it'd be a fun summer activity for kids to do in their yard.
Obstacle #1:  Use a mini golf club to put a golf ball into a hula hoop.

Obstacle #2:  Throw a frisbee into a pool of water.

Obstacle #3:  Use a croquet set and weave a croquet ball in and out of the stakes.

Obstacle #4:  Throw a hula hoop over a bucket.

Obstacle #5:  Using a long piece of wood and standing it up, stack four pieces of wood on top of it.

Obstacle #6:  Dump the mixed variety of puzzle pieces out of a basket and sort the pieces to finish one puzzle.

Obstacle #7:  Make one full hula hoop turn with your waist.

The puzzle challenge was the hardest for everyone while doing the hula hoop around the waist was the easiest.

With a few objects that can be found almost anywhere, an obstacle course can be set up quickly and made into a fun past time for kids.  Or even adults for that matter.

I placed fourth in the challenge but had a hootin' good time!

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Anonymous said...

YOu all have so much fun at camp! Sounds like a wonderful time.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I so want to go camping with you! You guys have so much fun!!