Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keepin' Company Thursdays - Week 53


If you'd like to participate in Keepin' Company Thursdays, please follow these guidelines:

* Create a Keepin' Company Thursday post. Please include the Keepin' Company Button in your post.

* Follow the first two blogs, which are the hostesses: Heck of a Bunch and Traci66.

* Follow any of the other blogs you choose to and let them know you found them via Keepin' Company Thursday.

* If you get a follow via Keepin' Company Thursday please follow them back.

* Add your blog name and the URL to your Keepin' Company Post to the link below. There is no need to add your link twice. You can do so either on my blog or at Traci66. It will show up at both regardless.

* You can also grab the blog hop code to add to your post if you want the thumbnails to appear in your post.

* If you add the Keepin' Company button to your sidebar and leave either of the hosteses, Heck of a Bunch or Traci66, a comment letting us know where to find it we will randomly draw a blog to be in the #3 spot next week. This week's #3 spot goes to Miss Imperfect.


Onehundred80days said...

Good Morning! I am a new follower from the blog hop. Your life sounds quite do you have time for a blog?!

I noticed your button for the Parent Magazine Subscription and it gave me a great idea.

I am a teacher and many of my students come early to school and their parents have to sit outside on our "patio" (we have tables and benches on our playground)and wait each day. So, I am going to get that subscription as well as a few others and leave them outside for them to read! Thanks for the inspiration. Have a blessed day.

Miss Imperfect said...


Thank you so much for featuring me!! =)

Have a great day! =)

Thrifty Ninja said...

Hey! I'm a new follower from "Keepin' Company Thursday" Check out my blog too! Thanks!

April said...

Hi! I’m following your blog. Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance. I’m also hosting a blog hop today as well. Come add your blog when you get a chance if you haven’t already. If you’re ever interested in a blog makeover please let me know. Take a look at my portfolio and packages. Hope you are having a Sweet Week.

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Debbie said...

Hey! I'm a new follower from "Keepin' Company Thursday" Check out my blog too! Thanks!

Megan said...

I am a*NEW* follower from Keepin' Company Thursday and would love a follow back. I put the blog hop button on my sidebar and also on the page titled Blog Hops!