Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Child's Sense of Style

I have a big family with six kids.  Each child has their own personality and their own style.  I used to be able to pick each child's outfit for the day, but they've since grown their own personality for what they like to wear.  Back-to-school shopping will be starting soon and it's time to think about purchasing their supplies and clothing.

Emma - She's big into tie dye and peace signs.  She must've been a hippie in a past life.  She'll throw on a dress one day and look like a tomboy the next.  Headbands are her must-have hair accessory.

Shelby - Her sense of style is always changing.  It mostly depends on what her group of friends at the time are wearing.  For example, she went through a phase where she wore gym shorts and workout shirts when she had a friend who was into fitness.  Once that friendship ended, she latched onto a new style.  She loves accessories and it shows with her jewelry boxes of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  She was into dolling up all the time, but now wears tank tops and shorts due to the heat.  Once school starts back up, I think she'll be dressing up again.  Her closet could clothe a small country.

Allyson - She's a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.  You won't find a dress on her.  In fact, that's why she won't go to any of the school dances, because they require dresses to be worn.  She's been wearing the feather clip-ons in her hair and likes to paint her nails different colors. 

Juliann - She likes hoodies in the winter and tank tops in the summer.  She's not much into caring what styles are in right now.  It's all about comfort.  Tie-dye clothing is her favorite.  During the warmer weather, her tank tops are plain in color while the shorts speak loudly.

Logan - As long as it fits, he'll wear it.  His clothes don't have to match.  His favorite shirts are the ones he's gotten from participating in 5K walk/runs.

Adam - Just in the last year, he's gotten into caring what he wears.  Plaid shorts are his fave in the summer and he wears zip-up hoodies all fall and winter long. 

Both boys used to share a wardrobe because they didn't care that they wore and they were the same size.  Within the last year, that has changed and each has emerged with their own sense of style.  Adam is heavier than Logan and has a more preppy look than his brother.
What's your child's sense of style?

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Momfever said...

I'm sorry to say my eldest sons favors the 'emo' style: black hair, and black clothes…

My two girls are into skinny jeans, whereas I would like to dress them in Laura Ashley outfits!

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

I have the same exact clothing style as your Juliann, only I'm 28 LOL