Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Family Addition


I'm beginning to think Keely is on permanent hiatus with Random Tuesday Thoughts. Stacy's been doing a nice job in her place, whether it be for internship status or permanent status.


It's been three weeks and we are STILL moving stuff from one place to the other.  My husband and I will be getting the last two loads tonight and we'll be officially done with moving stuff.  With as much as we've got, I'm thinking it might take more than three weeks to unpack it all and put in its proper place. 


Once again my previous landlord proved to me exactly why I moved in the first place.  She has hounded us and harassed us to the point I'm ready to claw my own eyeballs out and feed them to her.  (Maybe not that extreme, but close).  We are paid up until August 1st and don't have to officially be out until then.  We weren't bad tenants.  We didn't get evicted or told to move.  We chose to do it on our own and she's been tromping people in and out of the place while we've still got belongings there.  Even after we gave her express permission that we don't want anyone in there until we're out.  We even went so far as to lock the doors and she's still coming in and making herself at home.  It's people like her that make me recite the Serenity Prayer.


I went to the store yesterday to grab something to eat for work.  I saw Halloween candy displayed on one of the end caps.  Maybe I'm the one who's lost my mind but I could've swore it was only July.  Marshmallow Peeps shaped like bats and pumpkins.  Really??? I doubt people are waiting in droves to get their Halloween candy supply stocked right now.


We got two new really cool things this week.  We purchased a new (to us) golf cart so we can get back in the groove at camp.  I know it sounds really crazy but a golf cart is almost as necessary as oxygen there.  Not only because the campground is quite large to walk, but also because lots of golf cart games go on during the weekends.  We also got us a dog, a golden retriever to be exact.  Cisco is seven years old.  We got him from a co-worker.  He's a total baby who demands being petted every 2.5 seconds but he's perfect otherwise.  I'm not much of an animal lover, but he's won me over already.


Happy RTT!


SueAnn said...

Congrats on Cisco...he sounds adorable!!
Campground golf cart races huh? Cool!! Is it a spiffy cart...all decked out? That would be awesome!!
Great RTT

Anonymous said...

Halloween already? Why don't we just move Christmas to October and get it over with?? Happy RTT!

VandyJ said...

Well if you absolutely have to have that peeps fix, I guess your covered. Me personally, not a Peeps fan.
We are all over Back To School here. It's awesome. (said with much sarcasm)

Cathy Kennedy said...

Retail can't wait to usher in a new holiday long before needed. Just watch, next month you'll begin to see Christmas stuff in craft stores, etc. It's wild!

Hope your moving process winds up soon. Must be a huge pill, huh?

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Kristine said...

Retail needs to be slapped. Halloween is still 3 months away. Nothing like being hounded by your kids for 3 months before an event. Ugh. :P

Marlene said...

Line up your landlord and that store displaying the halloween candy, and I'll kick 'em both in the rear.

congrats on letting a dog adopt you....they're awesome companions.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Man that landlord sounds like a piece of work! Rather than gouging out your own eyeballs and feeding them to her, you need to gouge out her eyeballs to feed to her... ;)

Unpacking and putting things in their (new) place is way more fun than packing to move them there. :)

Yay! It didn't take long for you to replace your golf cart! *whew!* I was worried we wouldn't be able to live vicariously through you with your games. ;)

Cisco sounds cool - and the fact that you've been won over already? Priceless! :)

Thanks for hanging in there with me - permanent or not, I'm in it for the long haul! :)

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