Friday, July 1, 2011

Revolutionize the World with Boom Boom! Cards - Review

Boom Boom! Cards are an intentional act of kindness kit where all you have to do is be kind and track it online.  There are 26 cards in a kit, with the invitation to join the Boom Boom! Revolution, a small but growing army of people who are sure they can create the world they want through simple actions that allow individuals to reach out and exercise the innate altruism that lives in all of us.

My kids are not angels by any means, but I get compliments quite often about how well behaved and helpful they are.  I'm certainly not mother of the year, but I'm adamant that my children use their manners, respect their elders, show respect, and do good deeds without feeling obligated.  For the most part, I don't even have to remind my children of my expectations.  I use positive reinforcement and praise when I catch them doing something good for others.  When I first heard of Boom Boom! Cards, my interest was piqued.  I wanted to learn more.

Each Boom Boom! Cards kit includes:

– 26 Boom Boom! Cards

– Boom Boom! Sticky Note Pad

– Handy Carrying Sack

*The Family Kit also includes:

– The Command Central Activity Board

– Talk about it! discussion cards

– Mission Accomplished! stickers

– Blank Boom Boom! Cards for kids to create their own

I wanted to get involved in the kindness revolution with my kids, so I chose the Family Kit for review.  The size of the kit was smaller than I expected, but the results were favorable.  Each card has a different task to do.  It also has a "Revolutionize It" assignment that takes that task to an even higher level. For instance, card 9 asks that we get together as a family and hold a yard sale or create a lemonade stand and divide the proceeds among family members so each person can donate their share to an organization they want to support.  By Revolutionizing It, the card asks that we keep our donations anonymous and talk about why anonymity is different than giving publicly.  Using the Command Central Activity Board, we chart our family's success and discuss the experience using the discussion cards. Once that is done, we can go to the website and share our story, even including video and pics.  Once we are done completing a kindness assignment, the card is to be passed on for someone else to do.  You can watch each card travel on the website's map by registering the unique tracking code and keep track of where it goes to see all the kindness your family inspired.

The command central activity board is actually located on the backside of the box that the cards come in.  Although it does the job, it is somewhat flimsy and falls over.  We have it taped to a large piece of cardboard to alleviate the problem.  It's been an amazing experience watching my kids complete each of the tasks on the cards.  They seem more eager to help, donate, and show kindness.  For each task that is completed on a card, the whole family talks about what they liked best, how they felt, why that particular action is considered a kind thing to do, and who they passed the card along to.  On the website, you can see what actions other people have taken with their cards.  Not only do Boom Boom! Cards give an incentive to go above and beyond, they open up discussion.  I like the concept so well that I'm going to purchase the Teen Kit for my two teenage daughters for Christmas this year.

I received product for review from Boom Boom! Cards.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products.  Your opinions and results may differ.