Monday, July 11, 2011

Run, Logan, Run - Another First Place Win

Logan participated in another 5K walk/run Saturday.  This time it was for United Way and it was the first 5K walk/run in the area for that particular organization.

It was hotter than Hades when the run took place.  Afterwards, all Logan wanted to do was sit under a tree to get some shade.

All of his hard work paid off.  Logan won 1st place in his age division of 17 and under.  He also placed 5th overall out of forty runners. 

Logan received a medal and two tshirts for winning.  The medal is different than any I've seen before, in that the center spins.

I don't like to boast, but I'm so darn proud of my boy.  He's always been socially awkward, so I'm glad he has found something that he loves to do.  He's a natural at it.

Way to go Logan!