Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sporting Pink To Support Team Court

Not only do I have my God given family, I have people at the campground that I consider family.  With these people, I have the same craziness and drama that I sometimes have with my own but I also have them around to attend our birthday parties and events, give a hug when I'm down, and put up with my goofiness.  I'm blessed to have the extended friends that I consider great enough to be called family. 

Thursday night, a bunch of us got together to support one of our campground girls.  Courtney competed in the local fair pageant and placed 3rd out of fifteen girls.  She also received the Ms. Congeniality award.  Not bad for her first time competing in a pageant!

To show our support, a bunch of people purchased Team Court shirts adorned with her contestant number and a pageant crown.  Oh, and they were BRIGHT pink!  Being a girl, I have no problem sporting pink.  But I was shocked at how many guys wore the shirts to show support.  I've never seen my husband in a pink shirt before.  Not that there's anything wrong with it, but he's kind of a manly man. 

Everywhere I looked at the fair, bright pink shirts were being worn.  I think we outnumbered anyone else there.  I was beginning to wonder if we were going to be mistaken for staff.

Courtney's dad even sported a black and pink bandana.

Even if she didn't win, Courtney is still a queen to us.


Anonymous said...

Ever heard the saying "Real Men Wear Pink" Lol all the guys wear pink hehe. Congrats to her and awesome you all supported her!