Friday, November 11, 2011

ToiletTree - Heck Of A Holiday Review and Giveaway

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My family moved to a new residence four months ago.  The house is bigger and we have lots more space, with the exception of the bathroom.  I don't know how it could possibly be any tinier.  There's a sink with a mirror in front of it, but that's not always advantageous.  It's not a solution to the teeny, tiny bathroom dilemma but the ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror has been super helpful in giving us another mirror in the bathroom and allowing us to perform some hygienic tasks in the shower.

Most bathroom gadgets have great potential but fall short in the long run. The Fogless Shower Mirror from ToiletTree Products has surprised me with its effectiveness and usefulness. I've heard of products promising "fogless" or "sweat-free" before, but this fogless shower mirror keeps its word.

There is an installation and instruction guide included with the ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror. I'm no do-it-yourselfer but I figured out how to install in just a few minutes.  Included is silicone adhesive and stickers to ensure the mirror stays in place on your shower wall. On the back are indicators of where the stickers and adhesive go so there's no guesswork to it. Once I placed the sticky stuff to where it needed to go, all I had to do was place the bracket in position in my bathroom. After waiting 24 hrs. to make sure it was going to hold, I attached the mirror by sliding it onto a slot on the bracket.

There's a lot of showers taken in my household, so this mirror has been put to the test many times. The mirror remains fogless because there's a reservoir on the back of the mirror that gets filled with water before each shower. It takes just seconds to slip the mirror off, fill it with shower water, and place it back on the bracket. Once that is done, you can resume with your shower. Now that we have the Fogless Shower Mirror on our wall, my husband shaves his goatee and I make sure that my face is getting clean and makeup is being removed. I also tweeze my eyebrows while in the shower now. Makes things much simpler, doing it all in the shower.

The mirror itself is adjustable. It does make a loud clicking noise when being adjusted which is slightly unpleasant, but tolerable. Even after many adjustments, the bracket has not budged or shown signs of coming loose. A squeegee comes with it so you can clean off any gunk that gets on the mirror, like shaving cream. A small shelf on the bottom holds razors or tweezers.  On the days that I style my hair and need to know what the back of it looks like, I take the mirror off the slider to get a good look.  When I'm done, I just slide it back into place.

my mirror on the shower wall
Features include:

1.Shatter proof high quality acrylic mirror that adheres to virtually any wall surface with removable silicone adhesive.

2.Easily adjustable bracket accommodates multiple users and angles.

3.Built in shelf to store your razor, sponge or tweezers.

4.Squeegee included to wipe away excess water drops.

5.Designed not to rust, discolor or damage bathroom surfaces.

6.Measures 6.5in x 8.5in x 1.5in and weighs less than 1 pound.

ToiletTree Products, a family owned and operated company, began its business in 2009 and has focused solely on the manufacturing and marketing of an assortment of bathroom products featuring its signature product, The Fogless Shower Mirror.
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sarah shult said...

I love that is doesn't fog up - this would be great to have for my hubby

Najay said...

I like that it's fogless and shatterproof.

SuperMom3128 said...

I like that it is adjustable. My husband is a foot taller than me so this would help a lot.
l_dog542 at yahoo dot com

Robin Quick said...

My fav feature is the Squeegee thats included to wipe away excess water drops.

Sherry said...

I like Built in shelf to store your razor, sponge or tweezers.

Tina said...

I like Built in shelf

freddie said...

I love that it's shatter proof.

tammy said...

built in shelp

Anne N. said...

I like that's shatterproof!
calgrl76 at hotmail

Catie said...

I like the built in shelf! said...

I would love to win this

Niecey said...

shatterproof and rust free

julia said...

fewer nicks and cuts since hubby will actually be able to see. great Christmas gift!

Shelly said...

rust free