Friday, May 4, 2012

Has The Blogging World Become A Feeding Frenzy?

I may be opening up a can of worms here, but I felt compelled to write this post after reading a topic brought up on a book review blog.  It left me scratching my head, wondering just how far a person will go to gain numbers or be the "big dog" or make a company happy.

On that particular blog, I read the post and the almost 150 comments left on it.  There was a huge debate about cheating and how far a person and/or company will go to get clicks.  All that happened in the end is that a bunch of bloggers became involved in a conversational cat fight.

Seriously people, how can anyone take bloggers seriously when we can't even be there to support each other?!  I totally get it, it's a numbers game.  The people with the most Twitter followers, Facebook likes, link clicks, etc. are usually the ones who get the most from PR brands.  I won't lie, I wanna be famous.  And not just for my weird ways. 

I've participated in hops, published press releases for free, and even asked for votes here and there.  I'm no better or no worse than any other blogger out there.  That's what makes each blog individual.  Mine's not yours and yours isn't mine. 

I just wonder at what point do we all stop to realize that numbers aren't the end all, be all.  That bloggers do have worth.  It's up to us to support each other.  It's up to us to realize when a company is taking advantage of us just for link purposes, and not fall prey to it.  It's up to us to not be so hung up on making our blogs so much bigger that we don't leave a comment or lend a helping hand to another blogger.  It's up to us to not feel like we have to "buy" our commenters or followers.  It's up to us to decide whether we want to accept an offer, out of wanting to rather than feeling obligated to. 

Life isn't all cotton candy and butterflies, but there's enough drama in the real world.  Why extend it to the blog world?


Heather! said...

I think you're absolutely right about something is up to the blogger to find the balance that his or her blog needs to make it what he wants it to be. I have a blog but am not a blogger (if you know what I mean), so I don't deal with this stuff personally, but I see these red flags all the time. Sometimes I see the conversations and arguments about them. It really is a shame that there can be so much nastiness and bad behaviour among grown-ups! Mothers, even! We'd punish our kids (I hope) for such behavior.

When it comes down to it, though, a blog is an extension and expression of oneself. It represents you just as your words and actions IRL do. And readers can see more than some people think they can. I know a comfortable place when I see it, and I appreciate that comfort and try to support the person who makes it possible. And I don't actively support those places I don't feel valued or welcome. Simple as. I hope others do the same.

JR911 said...

I'd have to agree with you. As a blog reader and avid giveaway enterer, I find myself often unsubscribing to blogs that post tons of, to say it.....crap! I like a blog with fewer, yet more substantial posts, rather than one with a ton of obvious pandering posts. I appreciate bloggers who only agree to review, write about, and do giveaways for products that they believe have merit and that their readers will identify with.

I wish some people would realize quality is more important than quantity. This is one of the reasons I appreciate your blog so much. You don't have 100 posts a day for me to sift through that are obvious commercials and plugs for a company. If I get overwhelmed like that, I just unsubscribe.

Anonymous said...

It's crazy. I can't stand the fighting and who is going to get this or that. While my blog is mainly reviews with no personal posts, that is who I want to be. I don't hop around trying to be the best "deals" blog, or reviewer. My blog is mine. I support many blogs and wish many would do the same. Great post!

Robin Quick said...

I agree JR911! I'm a reader and I enter the giveaways and I dont want to see the arguing either. We all have enough of it in our home life. I was sad this weekend that Plagiarism reared its ugly head in the blogging world. It was scary to see someone using someone elses words and recreating the pics too! The extreme it went to was shocking! I think the blog was finally taken down but its sad! Did the woman do this to increase traffic to her site? Was she trying to get the numbers the person she was copying was getting or is she just a crazy person? Either way its just scary! This is suppose to be fun!