Friday, May 11, 2012

Nickelodeon Preschool "All Star Week" of Premieres

Nickelodeon rolls out five new episodes of preschooler favorites Max & Ruby, Bubble Guppies, Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi and Mike the Knight during a special “All Star Week,” Monday, May 14 through Friday, May 18.

The premiere week schedule is as follows (all times are 11:00 a.m. ET/PT):

· Monday, May 14 Max & Ruby “Engineer Max/Max’s Toy Train/Max’s Train Ride”

Ruby wants to get Max to Grandma’s house for a special surprise, but Max wants to ride on the toy train at the store. / Ruby wants to get ready for a sleepover at Grandma’s, but Max just wants to play with his new train. / Ruby wants to have a very special dolly tea party with Grandma, but Max wants to go for a train ride.

· Tuesday, May 15 Bubble Guppies “Humunga-Truck”

The Bubble Guppies learn about different kinds of trucks on their way to the big truck show. There are many trucks, but only one can turn into a giant robot - Humunga-Truck!

· Wednesday, May 16 Dora the Explorer “Dora in Troll Land”

Dora and Boots are headed to a brand new playground just over the Troll Bridge. When Dora and Boots get to the bridge, they see that the gate is down and the Grumpy Old Troll’s missing! They go on a rhyming adventure through Troll Land, past the Giant Cereal Bowl and make it all the way to the magic hole where the Grumpy Old Troll is stuck. They’ll have to say a special rhyme to break the spell and free the Grumpy Old Troll.

· Thursday, May 17 Team Umizoomi “Presto’s Magic House”

When Presto the Magician accidentally puts his wand in the washing machine, magic bubbles fill the laundry room, and Presto gets trapped inside of one. Team Umizoomi will have to recognize numbers, count and measure in order to get through Presto’s wacky house and rescue him.

· Friday, May 18 Mike the Knight “Mike the Knight and Sir Super / Mike the Knight and the New Castle”

Mike tries to prove he’s better than Evie’s favorite storybook knight, Sir Super. When he forces Evie to make Sir Super come to life, he learns that it’s better to just be the knight you are. / Mike tries to build a whole new castle, but it doesn’t compare to Glendragon castle and he gives up. Having promised his friends their own rooms, he has to learn to see the good in things that don’t turn out how you planned.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yay! I am ready for new episodes:)