Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts - State Bound

Anyone celebrate Cinco De Mayo?  I threw back some margaritas and sported a sombrero.  I admit, it wasn't until Saturday that I actually learned the real reason for Cinco De Mayo.  Had fun celebrating it.
My niece's birthday party was at the local gymnastics center Sunday.  It may have been a bit wobbly and caused a few people to fall to the floor laughing, but I can still semi-sorta do a cartwheel. 
May 10th will be my 3 year blogiversary!  Thanks for sticking around after three years and continuing to support me.  I appreciate everyone who stops by to read my posts, leave a comment, and enter my giveaways.
My gazelle son has qualified for state in all four events. This Saturday he'll be competing at the state level in Track & Field. He didn't get it from his momma, but that boy can run.  When his sister asked what his motivation was behind doing so well, Logan simply replied "I don't like to lose". 
Jason told me yesterday that he's going to inquire about helping out at church with the lights and sound system.  Glad to see him getting so involved.
Shelby called me yesterday all excited.  She had actually cooked for the first time.  A grilled cheese.  Baby steps, Shelby, baby steps.
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Heather! said...

Yay you and your cartwheels! Would have loved to have seen that! ;) And congrats to both your son (wow!!) and to Shelby! I remember how excited I was when I moved out and did my first load of laundry. If only it were *still* so exciting....

yeny flores said...

Wow almost your blogiversary! So exciting! :)

Stacy Uncorked said...

I have ever only been able to semi-sorta to a cartwheel in my head. So you doing it in real life? Totally cool. Even if it was wobbly. ;)

So exciting your 3-year blogiversary is coming up! Seems like I've read you forever! :)

How exciting about your son qualifying for state in all four events - makes a mama proud, right? :)

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