Thursday, May 10, 2012

Upward Bound Spring Banquet

Shelby has been enrolled in Upward Bound, a program that prepares students for college, for the past four years.  A banquet was held on Wednesday to honor the seniors who were part of the program. 

Upward Bound has been beneficial to Shelby in helping her apply for college.  It's also given her experiences that she otherwise probably wouldn't have been able to do.  Trips to Minnesota and New York, along with summer stays in colleges, were part of the program experience.

Me and Jason were honored to be Shelby's two guests to attend the banquet.

You won't see it often but once in a while me and Jason will spiffy up.

The banquet was held at a hotel conference center with catered food of fried chicken, ham, au gratin potatoes, bread, salad, green beans, and cake.  It was in the buffet line that Shelby told me she feels more connected to me than ever and respects the things I tell her and have taught her.  Although I can't wrap my head around the fact that she's not my little girl anymore, I think me and Shelby are on the right path to understanding and communicating with each other as adults.

Shelby had many advisors along the way that helped prepare her for college and gain skills needed for the adult world.

Shelby received a Certificate of Completion and a goody bag of gifts.  She starts a couple of classes at a community college next week and will be attending a university in August.  I'm proud of who she is and wish her all the best in her path to a greater education.


Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

You know, even though it has been a rough road, I think you've raised one HELL of a daughter Terra!

Just reading about her work ethic with two jobs and her dedication to school and college, I have no doubt she's going to do amazing things with her life :)

Congratulations Shelby!