Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bite-Size Appetizers for Entertaining - #HormelFamily

The holiday party circuit season is upon us.  From the holiday luncheon at work, to your sister's holiday soiree, to New Year's at your place, there are plenty of opportunities to spend time with friends and family this year, which may leave you asking "What should I make?"  Hormel Foods has great products and recipes to make quick, easy and delicious mini dishes to fit any holiday menu.

It can be quite the challenge to manage guests coming and going with different tastes and food preferences.  This holiday season, create a variety of bite-size party appetizers and you're sure to have something to fit the tastes and needs of all guests.

Hormel Foods has many ideas for mini appetizers that are quick and easy to prepare, so less time can be spent in the kitchen and more time can be shared with friends and family.  Show your guests that you can be the star of the holiday party season by creating a few of the following recipes:

Turn an ordinary biscuit into a more sophisticated appetizer by filling a mini biscuit with a delicious mixture of Hormel pepperoni minis, cheese, tomato, mayonnaise and pesto to create Italian Pepperoni Bites.

Tired of being stuck in the hot kitchen and using the oven all day long?  With a preparation time of less than 15 minutes, Chicken and Salsa Tortilla Bites are quick and tasty bite-size wraps that don't require any baking.  Simply combine Hormel chunk breast of chicken, a vegetable cream cheese of your choice, and CHI-CHI'S thick & chunky salsa, spread on a tortilla, wrap up and enjoy.

Give your appetizer selection a bit of upscale flair with these Bacon and Blue Cheese Crostinis.  Elegant and flavorful, each crostini is a mouthful of generous portions of bacon and cheese.

Not familiar with being a host?  Here are some easy entertaining tips to keep in mind this holiday season:

Too many friends and family to host at one time?  Have an open house and let them know they can drop by any time between certain hours on one special day.

Dole out leftovers to guests.  Stock up on take-out containers beforehand and give each guest a special treat when they leave.

Music is an important part of any party atmosphere.  Make sure to create a playlist beforehand with a variety of music styles and genres so everyone can find a song to relate to at some point during the party.

When someone offers to bring something, say yes!  You can never have too many appetizers or side dishes so delegate simple dishes like salads to guests.

What is your favorite appetizer that you've created or been served at a party?  Do you have any entertaining tips that make your parties successful?

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