Friday, February 8, 2013

Arby's Launches Fan of the Week Program‏

Arby’s has reached two million Facebook fans and is celebrating with the launch of a new program in their honor – Arby’s Fan of the Week. Each week, Arby’s will randomly choose a new fan to receive the coveted title of “Fan of the Week” and a $25 gift card to Arby’s. To enter, fans simply upload a photo of themselves enjoying a meal at their local Arby’s to the dedicated Facebook application. A new winner will be announced each Friday.

To kick off the new Fan of the Week initiative, Arby’s is crowning Donelle Norblom from Denver, CO the first Fan of the Week. Designated Arby’s “original two millionth fan,” Donelle first caught Arby’s attention in 1970 when she became the celebratory two millionth customer. In addition, Donelle was asked to help Arby’s reach two million Facebook fans by ‘liking’ the Arby’s Facebook page. This momentous occasion is showcased in a video on the Arby’s YouTube channel.

And since any friend of Donelle’s is a friend of Arby’s too, Arby’s will reward anyone who can prove that they were friends with Donelle in 1970 with lunch on the house. Friends simply upload a photo of themselves with Donelle during the year she became Arby’s two millionth customer to the dedicated Arby's Facebook application and they will receive a $25 Arby’s gift certificate.

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Masshole Mommy said...

We don't have an Arby's around us. When my husband has reserves, there is one next to his base, but that's almost 2 hours away. I've visited him a few times and everytime I do, I insist on arbys fries!!!