Monday, February 4, 2013

Hulu Announces Top Commercials From Super Bowl XLVII

The Ravens weren't the only champions crowned during Super Bowl XLVII. Today, fans across the nation cast their votes on Hulu AdZone, presented by Toyota, to select their favorite Super Bowl commercials and the results are in!

From wily septuagenarians and flashing groupies, to miracle stains and wish-granting bombshells, this year's Super Bowl ads certainly didn't lack in excitement, comedy or sex appeal. In the end though, sincerity won out -- the overall most liked ad on Hulu AdZone was the thoughtful "Farmer" ad from Ram Trucks, edging out both Taco Bell's "Viva Young" and Volkswagen's "Get in. Get Happy."

Fan votes were tallied for all Super Bowl XLVII commercials on Hulu's AdZone and the results reflect all votes that were in as of 8:00pm PT / 11:00pm ET Sunday, Feb. 3. For the first time ever fans watched, voted, shared, tweeted and "liked" their favorite ads on iOS and Android supported mobile devices.


Top ranked by fan votes.

1. Ram Trucks: Farmer

2. Budweiser: Brotherhood

3. Taco Bell: Viva Young

4. Volkswagen: Get In. Get Happy.

5. Universal Pictures: "Fast & Furious 6" Game Day Trailer

6. Jeep: America Will Be Whole Again

7. Paramount Pictures: "World War Z" Big Game Spot

8. Skechers: GOrun 2 - Man vs Cheetah Big Game Commercial

9. Perfect Match - Bar Refaeli's Big Kiss!

10. MilkPEP: The Rock in Morning Run

Hulu also awarded winners in additional categories including "Celebrity Cameos" to "Play That Music" to "They'll Make You Go 'AWWW'".


Celebs Cash In: No one loves the Super Bowl more than celebrities. They popped up all over the Super Bowl in 2013.

1. M&M's: Love Ballad

2. Samsung Mobile: The Next Big Thing

3. Toyota Rav4: Wish Granted


Your Game Day Soundtrack: We got to hear The Flaming Lips' new single and a goldfish sing a neo-soul version of "No Diggity."

1. Audi: Prom

2. Mercedes-Benz: Soul

3. Hyundai: Epic Playdate


Ads That Warm Your Heart: From adorable animals to cute kids, these ads will make you smile, and maybe even tear up a little.

1. Coca-Cola: Cameras

2. M&M's: Love Ballad

3. Hyundai: Epic Playdate


Football Fever: What's a Super Bowl without ads that honor the guts and glory of the gridiron?

1. Tide: Miracle Stain

2. Hyundai: Team

3. Pizza Hut: Hut Hut Hut


Pretty People in Various Stages of Undress: From headless torsos to incredibly violent automatons in short skirts, a bunch of companies left us wondering, "What are these people selling? And does it really matter?"

1. M&M's: Love Ballad

2. Axe: Lifeguard

3. Kia: Hotbots


Electric Youth: Relive your young adulthood with these ads that will keep you feeling young and carefree, from awkward laundromat pickups to gutsy high school prom moments.

1. Audi: Prom

2. Kia: Space Babies

3. Bud Light: Journey

Personally, my overall favorite commercial was M&M's: Love Ballad.  Did you have a favorite?

To revisit these ads or for more details on Hulu AdZone 2013, presented by Toyota, check out Or visit the Hulu Blog for a round-up of the winning ads: The Definitive Best Super Bowl Ads of 2013.

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Masshole Mommy said...

I loved the Volkswagen: Get In. Get Happy one, but my favorite was the Coca Cola one with security cameras catching people doing good things and it was about seeing the positive. I loved it.

Julie Maloney said...

I bawled my eyes out at the Budweiser Horse commercial. The GoDaddy kissing commercial made me want to vomit but I was so glad my husband left the room before the Bud commercial came on because I had tears coming out of both eyes.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

the farmer one made me tear up a bit.

Mary said...

I think everyone liked the Budweiser commercial. I've actually stood next to one behind the scenes when they were here for a rodeo and I was shocked at how big they are.