Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Treasured Chest - The Prom & You

This post is part of the "My Treasured Chest" series where I post about findings from my cedar chest. You can read about how it all began at the My Treasured Chest - The Beginning post.

In 8th grade I created a scrapbook of sorts for an English project.  I cut out several pictures of formal wear and prom dresses to show what the fashion trends were.  I'm not a fashionista and don't normally pore over clothing selections but I've always been awed by formal gowns and dresses. 

I did not go to prom my Junior year because I was too busy being pregnant.  But I threatened persuaded my ex to go with me my Senior year.  My mother forked over $330 for my Southern belle style dress.  It was light blue and white, super poofy, and had a beaded choker.  My sister wore the same dress in my first wedding to my husband.

Did you go to prom?  What kind of dress did you wear?  Any special memories about the event?


Masshole Mommy said...

Hahaha - I wore a dress like that to a semi-formal dance. Eeeeek.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Well at least the dress was used for another use. Instead of sitting in your closet like mine ... lol.

Let's see well mine started with a few weeks before prom my friend set me up on a blind date with an older guy. We hit it off he asked me to my prom. He then got drunk the weekend before and wrecked his car. I didn't drive or have a car so we had to hitch a ride with a girl I worked with in her limo. I went and ordered our flowers roses for him and me. He showed up at my house with carnations because he was too cheap to buy the roses. Mind you this is also the same time I was having a break down over my hair my gal was out and this older lady did my hair in a BEEHIVE look!!

We then went to dinner (mind you I paid for the tickets and dinner) and he told me he forgot his wallet so I had to pay for pictures too! Since we didn't have a ride to the after party we went home with my co worker and guess what we did! OH yeah it was a movie night and the movie they picked was FREE WHILLY. I feel asleep early, it was a horrible night.

He left and I hoped to never see him again. 6months later I had the pleasure of him coming threw my checker line at Fred Meyers. Talk about Awkward ... LOL

Theresa said...

I didn't go to prom or any other formal dance. My mom was a single mom of 4 and really couldn't afford the cost of a fancy dress. I always thought I would make up for it at my wedding. Alas, I got pregnant and rushed to the Justice of the Peace wearing corduroys since that's all I could fit in lol. I guess me and fancy dresses weren't meant to be :(

angie said...

My dress was hand made by a seamstress. I just had to buy the material. I loved that dress and STILL wonder what happened to it. :)

cheryl c said...

I went to one prom. I wore a pink chiffon dress and had my hair done in ringlets. :-)