Friday, March 15, 2013

Vindicating Vicky - Book Review

Book Synopsis:

Young, beautiful Vicky Lester grew up oppressed in dismal, gruesome inner- city surroundings. She meets and befriends Stan, a lonely, kind man who encourages and helps her to strike out on her own and make a better life for herself. But Vicky is haunted by a horrific childhood secret, a trauma so deeply embedded in her psyche that even she can't confront it head on. Laden with dread and guilt, Vicky embarks on a memorable and promiscuous journey as if unwittingly acting out the playbook of her youth. Ultimately, emboldened by Stan, she struggles to overcome the memories she has hidden for so long. Will Vicky be able to find real love and a brighter future?
My Review:

Once in a while there's a book that comes across that really blows you away.  Vindicating Vicky was a book that engaged my attention from the beginning and held it to the end. 

It tells of a girl in her twenties named Vicky who is very pretty and uses that attribute to get what she wants.  Vicky had a troublesome life with an uncaring alcoholic mother and a neighbor who did unmentionable deeds to her.  It is indicated that Vicky's childhood molded her to become the promiscuous lady she is.  Vicky has a very active sex life and the book goes into the sordid details of those acts.  Vicky has a mindset that it's easier to give guys what they want and it's easier to perform naughty deeds to get what she wants.

Another main character, Stan, is Vicky's best friend.  He's an obese loner with several health issues who is fifteen years older than her.  Vicky puts all her trust into Stan and confides in him.  She leaves no stone unturned when she tells Stan  her secrets and escapades.  The two are unlikely pair who go through several life situations, leaning on each other for moral support.

There were times when I could see myself wanting to slap Vicky silly for her immature acts and ways of thinking.  There were also times that I felt sorrow for her due to the life circumstances she's had to endure.   Vindicating Vicky is a book unlike any I've ever read and it absorbed me the whole time I was reading it.  Author, Ron Knight, knows how to weave a storyline and even throw some shocking twists into the mix to make you want to keep reading.

I received book for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.


Julie Maloney said...

I can actually relate to this book I had a similar upbringing and my twenties weren't far from what her's sounded like. I'd be curious to see how the story flows. Maybe I'll write one of my own!

Julie Jones said...

Julie, funny seeing you here! You should totally right a book about your life. lol!
As for your review Terra, it sounds interesting. I read a book similar to this recently and it was a page turner for sure. I can't remember the name of it but I think it was by Gillian Flynn. ???