Friday, April 26, 2013

If Only We All Had His Attitude

Logan, my 14 year old, was born with a knack for running.  Forrest Gump doesn't have anything on him.  He's been in Track & Field for school for two years now and has won several medals.  He's the first kid in the school's history to go to state for four events.  He's also won several medals in 5K runs.  In other words, he's a running superstar.

Adam doesn't have such a knack.  He's not athletic and has a somewhat severe disability of  hammertoe on both feet.  That's why I was floored when he asked to join Track & Field this year.  It's just not something I pictured him doing.  But I'm not going to be one to stop him from it.  In comparison to his brother (or even the rest of the team for that matter), Adam has been doing rather poorly.  He's gotten a sprained knee, hasn't caught on to the proper breathing techniques, and his feet hurt from the hammertoes.  In some cases, he's placed last.  In spite of all this, he hasn't given up. 

(getting a hug from his sister)

Just last night he came back from a track meet and this was our conversation:

Adam:  Mom, I beat my personal best!

Me:  That's great.  What did you do? 

Adam:  I shaved 11 seconds off my time and now have a new personal best. 

Me:  That's awesome!  Did you beat anyone in the race?

Adam:  Nope, I got last!  But I'm still proud of myself.  I ran faster than I ever have before.

I guess you had to be there, but I was struck by how the fact he got last place didn't phase him.  He didn't focus on that.  What he focused on instead was the fact that he ran faster than he ever has before. 

That moment made this mama's heart swell.  He may have gotten last in the race but he got first for a positive attitude.


Masshole Mommy said...

AWWWW - how sweet. That just brought a huge smile to my face!

VickeC said...

What a awesome kid! I always came in last too,but never thought about what he did,,he was thinking about himself an not the place he ended up end,,you raised a bright an wonderful boy,,congrats on besting your time!

Teresha Freckleton-Petite said...

you're absolutely right! If everyone just competed against themselves, we'd be happier people. He is a good role model!

Heather! said...

You know what? I'm proud of him, too! I love his attitude!

GeorgiaBeckman said...

What a sweet boy you have! He is an encouragement to me. I am 48 years old, I do no form of exercise, but I often daydream of becoming a runner. Then I ask myself, how in the world would I start? I'm seriously overweight (1oo lbs), I have never exercised. But this has encouraged me. Maybe if I start by walking, I will turn into a runner. Thanks for the upbeat message!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ahhh way to go sweetie you can do it!