Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother’s Day Celebrations with a Hormel Twist - #HormelFamily

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Mother’s Day is the perfect time for children to show their moms just how much they love and appreciate them, and what a better way than through a home-cooked meal?

The following are all simple recipes that can be made in no more than one hour and are sure to be fun for your little ones to create (with adult supervision, of course) and just as delicious for you to enjoy!

Spanish Ham Frittata: This delicious frittata featured vegetables, Hormel® Cure 81® boneless ham and eggs for a filling meal, and pairs perfectly with sliced fruit.

Fiesta Brunch Casserole: For a flavorful breakfast or brunch, try this Fiesta Casserole made with CHI-CHI'S® flour tortillas and other savory favorites!

Mushroom, Bacon and Sweet Onion Quiche: Hormel® microwave bacon makes this quiche simple to make and is complete with fresh vegetables.

What is your mom’s favorite meal? Do you normally cook for Mother’s Day or go out to eat? Is it an all-day occasion or one meal?


Julie Maloney said...

I honestly don't know what my moms favorite meal it but I know what I'd love for her to cook for me, Chicken Francais. OH MY LORD IT'S DEVINE. A chicken in a lemon butter white wine sauce. I've been trying to make it myself for years but just can't master it. I'll be curious to see what my kids pull off for me this year!

Masshole Mommy said...

That Spanish Ham Frittata sounds really good. I am not sure what we're doing for Mother's Day yet, but if we decide on a brunch, this would be perfect.

jamie braun said...

we usually go to a big mothers day brunch buffet at our local Green Mill with my hubby and kids

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I have no clue on mom lol. I would love some cheesecake about now lol