Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Burnt Meatloaf

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The other night my husband put a meatloaf in the oven then left to sit in the living room, waiting for it to cook.  Adam and I visited in the kitchen while I wiped down surfaces with Clorox wipes.  Not much later, Adam mentioned that he heard a sizzling sound.  No worries, I was sure it was because I wiped down the top of the stove while it was hot.  Again, more sizzling sounds.  Rather than investigate, I still paid it no mind.  The third time, a few minutes later, Adam was more adamant that I should check because smoke was starting to roll out the side of the stove.  I realized it was the meatloaf and not that I had just cleaned that area.  Real calmly I went into the front room and called for Jason.  He didn't answer.  A second time I went in there and again calmly said his name.  He finally looked up to see the house filled up with smoke.  After he cleared the kitchen and realized it was drippings from the meatloaf, he chastised me for not yelling and really getting his attention.  No problem, next time I'll scream like a wild banshee and throw my arms in the air.  That's what he gets for not paying attention when I call for him.
I love summertime.  I really do.  But dang, does it keep me busy.  It's like one extreme to the next.  Camp has been in full swing and it's one activity after another.  Sure beats being bored. 

I don't get to see Shelby much anymore because she lives with her boyfriend, works two part-time jobs, and goes to college.  So it was a pleasure when she came to camp Saturday to spend some time.  We took a couple rides around the campground in the golf cart.
Shelby even escorted Jason and Emma around the campground a couple times.
We played Bingo at camp.  I contribue more money than I ever win.  I think I've only won twice in five years.  But, sure enough, I still keep playing.
We held a very small, informal graduation party for Allyson and Adam Saturday afternoon.  Both received nice gifts and some cash.

Logan didn't partake in the activities even though the party was supposed to be for him too.  He was in a city four hours away competing in an AAU Track & Field event to quality for nationals.  He didn't quality but had a blast.  In a couple weeks he'll be going to St. Louis to compete.

Saturday night was the first annual Whispering Oaks Prom at camp.  I was designated hairdresser for a couple gals.  I'm not a beautician but I play one at camp.  I'll post more pics of Prom tomorrow.  I had more fun there than I did my high school prom.
My house looks like a school of a dozen children came through and took over.  I have stuff thrown out everywhere.  Next week is the campground wide yard sales and I've been a busy bee gathering stuff to sell.  I don't plan on getting rich but I'd love to get rid of some stuff.
Happy RTT!


Masshole Mommy said...

Wow - your camp site sure does do a lot of cool stuff. Do you live there for the entire summer or just go there for the weekends?

Katherine Phillips said...

Ha ha ha!! I had to laugh at the burnt meatloaf. Camping looks like so much fun. At least your camp looks like fun. Never been camping before.

Christy Maurer said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm not a camping girl, but with all that fun stuff, maybe I'd do it!

Stacy Uncorked said...

You guys always make the camping experience so much FUN! I bet my hubby would change his mind about camping in general if we did it 'right' like you guys do. ;)

I'm giggling over the burnt meatloaf - that sounds like something my hubby would do! :)

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