Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stop Puppy Mills—It Starts With YOU

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You probably often hear about the horrors of puppy mills, and it seems impossible and unreal. It happens every day, and we can all do our part to make sure it stops happening! You play an essential role. You can help stop puppy mills!

Pet stores that care about puppies don't sell them. That's because the majority of pet stores that sell puppies carry dogs from cruel and inhumane puppy mills. Puppy mills are like dog-making factories with the mother dogs spending their entire lives in cramped cages or kennels with little or no personal attention or quality of life. When the mother and father dogs can no longer breed, they are discarded or killed. Consumers who purchase puppies from pet stores or over the Internet without seeing a breeder's home firsthand are often unknowingly supporting this cruel industry.

Help stop this cycle of cruelty simply by choosing to adopt your next pet from a shelter or rescue, or by only purchasing a dog from a responsible breeder who will show you where your puppy was born and raised. And that's not all—you can do even more by refusing to buy pet supplies from any store or website that sells puppies. Where you spend your dollars makes a difference. Make a statement when you shop!
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aggie said...

We did buy a puppy from a pet store once. We went into the store to see what they had and found her. She was an Irish Setter and was "marked down" because she was almost too big to sell as a "cute puppy". She was in a cage that she barley had room to turn around in let alone lay down and be comfortable. After we came out of the store with her,the guy in the store across the mall from the pet store called us over to say he was so happy to see someone taking her because he saw her sitting in the window display banging her head against the glass.
This dog was never really right. She was extremely hyper and it even got to the point that she had to be put on a leash at night or all she did was pace.
Our vet said maybe breeding her would settle her done so because we had a male setter we gave it a try. Did not help. We had to hold her still for the puppies to nurse. After they were big enough to be on their own we had her put to sleep so she could finally be at peace.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

That just breaks my heart :(

VickeC said...

I would never buy a puppy from a puppy mill,but the ones that are already here have to be adopted by someone,they should be offered thru shelters at a decent price

Theresa said...

We got our pug through a rescue group 5 years ago. I love her to pieces, but she took a lot of work to get her right in the head. She was scared of EVERYTHING for I'd say about 3 years. Any noise would send her into a panic. She was covered with fleas when we brought her home. I gave her a bath and blood just ran off her into the water. My other pug got really sick after we brought her in and had to go on a lot of different medications. We found that she passed on some diseases to him. She is all good now, sweet as can be, but totally lazy lol. Sleeps all day and has never played with a toy in the 5 years we've had her.

We tried to get another dog though a rescue, but sadly had to send him back. Even though they said he was good with kids, he snapped at ours, then bit me when I pet him as he was napping.

Those were not fabulous rescue stories. However, I wouldn't hesitate to adopt from a shelter again.

Julie Maloney said...

When I was in high school I worked at a pet store for years until the dogs started coming in sick. Turns out the owners got REAL cheap and started using puppy mills. A baby Maltese died in my arms one day and I had had enough. I called it in and had them shut down. The owner was yelling at me saying why would I want to lose my own job over some dogs and I replied with a lot of swearing that you likely don't want to read here. Needless to say, I lost my job and he got shut down for good. Both of his stores. Poor puppies.

Shelley said...

So sad the conditions puppies and dogs go through in Puppy Mills. I agree were dollars are spent makes a difference...if I were to ever get a dog I wouldn't buy one from a pet store!