Thursday, July 11, 2013

Doing What We Gotta Do To Get the Money

I've been camping at Whispering Oaks for five years and I rarely miss an opportunity to dress in costume or wacky wear. Friday night the campground held their annual fireworks show and we dressed up for the occasion. Me, my sister, and my friend put on our red, white and blue and headed to the nearby fairgrounds to solicit donations for the fireworks. Several cars park at the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks and we went there to see if we could get donations. It costs over $6500 to put on the campground lights display and any money we can get is appreciated. All proceeds go towards the next year's fireworks.

A fellow camper had a party bus he loaned for the ride. Although it was a short distance, we felt like superstars going back and forth in style on a party bus. (It doesn't take much to entertain us!)

Because we were three sensual beasts (haha) we had four guys who went along and acted as our bodyguards. They kept an eye on us and made sure we weren't harassed. Most everyone we encountered was super kind and gave a free will donation. I garnered the least amount of the three of us but I had fun meeting and greeting, getting some money, and goofing off.


Theresa said...

Well, you do look like super stars! Very fun and festive! Hope you raised a lot of $ for next years show :)

Masshole Mommy said...

Very festive - you guys are awesome.