Friday, July 5, 2013

Making Memories at The Quincy Museum

It's not often that I get to hang with my almost 15 yoa son.  He's got a busy life and it's usually consumed with sports and friends.  He can't be bothered with mundane things like his mother.

The other day he and I were at the house by ourselves.  It was a rare moment when the place wasn't filled with kids and there wasn't much that demanded our time.  On a whim, I decided that Logan and I should check out the Quincy Museum.  To my amazement, he was up for it.

The Quincy Museum is located in Quincy, IL and, to be quite frank with you, doesn't take a lot of time to tour and isn't grand on a whole scheme of things.  What does make the museum interesting, however, is that it boasts a lot of local history.  A person can find out a lot about foods, wildlife, occupations, and other things that pertain to local and Midwest areas.

There are three floors to explore in the museum.   The first floor shows what parlors, dens, kitchens and other rooms would've looked like back in the day.  The second floor has several "Truth in Beauty" displays and also has exhibits of what antique general stores and merchandise look like.  The second floor also has beautiful Midwest wildlife and rock formation rooms.  The third floor is a kids' favorite with several books, replicas, models, and information on dinosaurs.

Honestly, if you've been to the museum once, that's probably sufficient enough.  Exhibits don't change much and you'll more than likely see the same thing the next time you go.  What made this museum visit the best one by far to me is getting to spend it with my son one-on-one and discussing the different things we learned. 


VickeC said...

what a nice way to spend some time with your son,,you will remember this always,its hard when they are 18 an out to get those precious moments,,so glad you got that chance

Theresa said...

What a fun way to spend the day! We are going to hit up some museums this summer while we are in IL. If we have the time, I may have to look this one up.

mail4rosey said...

Oh my gosh, those rare moments when you get to go somewhere alone with your teen totally rock!!

My oldest is married, so that's even harder! Though we do love his wife. :)

Glad you got some one on one time. Local history is always nice!

alissa apel said...

I love museums like that! It looks very cool. I'm glad you got to hang with you little/big man.

Ging Grey said...

I love museums! :) I miss school days when we used to go to them. I guess I have to make a trip to one soon. That was a great way to spend with your son. :)

Julie Maloney said...

Great that you got to spend some quality time together, my kids are 8 and 5 so they're always up my butt. People keep telling me there will come a day when they won't be and I will miss it but I am looking forward to their independence!

Masshole Mommy said...

Oh wow, that looks like an awesome museum!!