Wednesday, July 17, 2013

U.S. Cellular Helping Parents and Children Come To Agreement

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As more children begin getting their first mobile phones, parents are challenged with ensuring their kids are using their phones responsibly, courteously and safely. To make this milestone easier on both parents and kids, U.S. Cellular has developed a Parent-Child Agreement that can guide the conversations parents and children have about cell phone usage.

The Parent-Child Agreement was developed in response to data from U.S. Cellular’s Better Moments online survey¹, which found that half of U.S. Cellular customers with children say their kids currently own mobile phones. In addition, while 91 percent of parents set mobile phone usage guidelines for their children, 63 percent indicated they would find it helpful to have an agreement to guide their ability to supervise children’s usage and behavior with mobile devices.

While the agreement includes suggestions on safety and etiquette, parents also have the opportunity to create their own guidelines that focus on creating Better Moments with their families. Examples may include watching videos together on YouTube or sending fun picture messages and video chatting while away on travel. The intention is to make the agreement work for each individual family. 

Although my kids have each had a phone for a while, I printed out a Parent-Child Agreement for our four youngest and went over it with them.  I already had rules in place for their cell phone use, but the Parent-Child Agreement opened up new conversations and messages, as well as gave me the opportunity to go over what rules we've discussed in the past.  Each kid signed the agreement after we discussed it. 

U.S. Cellular is also offering free Device Workshops that are focused on helping families make the decision of when to get children their first phone along with ways that mobile phones can help families stay connected and strengthen relationships.  At the workshops, U.S. Cellular associates will offer families tips on setting phone guidelines and the share suggestions to help with the decision of getting their child their first cell phone.

Quincy, IL, the city I reside in, will be hosting a Device Workshop on August 3rd at 8:30 am.  Call your local store to see if they will be participating in the Device Workshops.  The phone number for the U.S. Cellular store participating in Quincy, IL is 217-242-2828.  Although I won't be attending the workshop I think it will be educational and informative to those who attend.


Katherine Phillips said...

This is a great idea!! I will be doing this when my kids get cellphones.

Becca said...

I love this idea!! Thanks for the information!