Thursday, August 15, 2013

Several Ways To Misspell A Word

My husband amazes me with his skills. He's a jack of all trades and master of lots. Need a computer fixed? He's on it. Need a car diagnosed? He's got it. Need a delicious feast to eat? Yep, he's your man. One talent he doesn't make high marks in, though, is spelling.

Last Sunday he and I, along with a friend, attended the Belong class at our church. It's a class that potential members take to see if The Crossing is the right church for them. I'd say it is considering we've been going for a while, but we wanted to take the class to see if our beliefs aligned with theirs.

Each participant was handed a workbook in which they had to fill-in-the blanks with the word given to us. Several times the word "committed" came into play. And several times Jason misspelled that word. There was "cometided", "cometeded", "cometead", and even "cometed". But never once was there "committed". And that was just one word that had several spellings in his book.

If he knew what they meant, that's all that counts.


Theresa said...

Your husband and mine sound like brothers. Mine is super smart, but when it comes to spelling- forget about it! Must be a man thing?

momo said...

I find myself sometimes having to write out a word to make sure I am spelling it right.

Masshole Mommy said...

Hahaha, sometimes words are hard to spell. English is a hard language.

Lisa Brown said...

I am the worst speller on the planet. I constantly misspell words, it's so frustrating :)