Thursday, October 24, 2013

Facebook Faux Pas - I love the 200 Facebook photos of your bar visits.  You should post some shots of your kids.

I realize that Facebook is a wonderful media to reconnect and share with friends and family. It's so easy to post a quick status to let all your peeps know your mood and what you're cooking for supper.

There are a few things, though, that drive me absolutely batty when I see it posted on Facebook. Here's my list of Facebook faux pas that make my skin crawl:

1. If you can't spell, you have no right to post a status. Granted, I'm usually a super stickler for spelling but there's some words you JUST SHOULD KNOW. If you don't, there's numerous resources online and in print form that will help you learn those words. We all make grammatical mistakes but don't make Facebook be the one to show off your real intelligence.

2. Don't share every post or picture you see. I want my feed to be a rolling timeline of what all my friends are doing, not just you! I don't want to log in and see nothing but status after shared status of something you think is amusing.

3. Share your feelings with the group, not the whole world. Everyone has bad days and it's okay to vent once in a while. But, if your Facebook life has more drama than a soap opera, I'd say you need to log off Facebook real quick and take care of reality. Facebook is NOT a Dear Abby online hotline.

4. If you post a status (positive, negative, or otherwise), expect a response. Don't post how much you hate so and so or how your life sucks, then get royally irked when someone gives their own opinion in response or tells you how to solve that problem.

5. Don't believe everything you see or hear. Just as with other social media, Facebook isn't always truthful. There's two sides to every story. And some pictures are photoshopped. (I know, shocker!) Just because you see a picture of a baby with bruises and sores or a snake that's as tall as the Sears Tower, doesn't make it real. I swear, there's a crowd of special people out there who photoshop pics and post them on the Internet just to see how many folk will pass it on as the gospel truth.

6. Don't post about someone's death or trauma until you know the family knows. Working as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher, I've seen my fair share of blowhards who post about someone's death within a matter of minutes. Or they THINK someone is dead and it circulates as such. Geez Louise, have some respect!

7. If it's time for your kid to come in for supper, don't post it on their Timeline. If there's something pressing or real personal that you need to tell someone, pick up a phone or see them in person. Some things should be between two people and two people alone.

Other than that, Keep Calm and Facebook On!

So, tell me, what are some Facebook faux pas that drive you cuckoo for cocoa puffs?!


Theresa said...

YES! To all of these, Instagram photos are getting just as bad too. I have one lady where it's cleavage shot after cleavage shot, and another who posts her entire night in photos. I swear, I could print out those pics and relive her whole night in flip book form. Social media has really dumbed down a lot of folk!