Monday, October 14, 2013

Jake and the Neverland Pirates CD Party

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Join Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Skully for fun adventures in Never Land! The new CD, Jake and The Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho Matey! is available October 15th on Walt Disney Records.

To gear up excitement for the upcoming CD release, I held a Jake and the Neverland Pirates CD listening party in my home. My kids are too old for Jake and the Neverland Pirates but I have several nieces and nephews in the right age range. I had them over for lunch and games while we listened to the CD.

Of the handful of children who attended, only one had never heard of Jake and the Neverland Pirates before. I wasn't real familiar with the show myself, so I did some research and schooled myself on the popular Disney Jr. show before the party. Compared to some preschool programs, Jake and the Neverland Pirates is one I can tolerate and don't mind watching with youngsters. The same goes for the new CD.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Yo Ho Matey! isn't a shipwrecked mess. The tunes gets kids up and moving, and they didn't grate on my nerves. My nieces and nephews were shaking a leg and giving it their best pirate dance moves while they listened to the CD. Shipwreck Shuffle and Hot Lava seemed to be the two most popular tunes. I'd say this is a fun CD for kids to listen to whether they're familiar with the show or not.

Track Listings:
1. Jake and the Never Land Pirate Band (Main Title)
2. Yo Ho Mateys Away
3. Never Land Pirate Band
4. Captain Hook (Is A Cranky Crook)
5. Castaway On Pirate Island
6. Hot Lava
7. Pirate Password
8. Bucky's Shanty
9. Aw, Coconuts
10. Roll Up the Map
11. What's Cookin' Smee?
12. Never Sky
13. Tick Tock Croc
14. Shipwreck Shuffle
15. Talk Like A Pirate
16. Weigh Hey Well Done Crew
17. Trick or Treasure
18. Jake and the Never Land Pirate Band (Main Title) Singalong


cheryl c said...

Sounds like fun! I am all for CD's that get kids moving!

Theresa said...

My nephew really likes this show. I've never seen it, but he thinks it's great! I bet he'd like the cd too :)

VickeC said...

my grandkids love this program so im sure they would love the music too,they like to dance

mail4rosey said...

This looks fun and you have a cute pirate there. :)