Thursday, October 3, 2013

Standing Halloween Dummy How-To

A few years ago my husband and I created a Halloween display of standing Halloween dummies in our yard. They looked so realistic that people were taken aback when they walked by. I wanted to recreate that again this year so Jason and I set up our first dummy last night.

Supplies Needed:

3 bendable metal rods (we used rods from an old volleyball set)

1 bale of straw

pair of coveralls

pair of work gloves or Halloween gloves

Halloween mask

Halloween props

The first thing you need to do is enroll your other half to do all the work while you take the pictures!

Using a hammer, pound two of the rods in the ground until they are secure. Make sure the rods are tall enough so you can bend them to create the look of arms. Then pull the coveralls over the rods. Using the straw, stuff the coveralls completely full. Insert a third rod in the middle to support the dummy's head. Stuff the Halloween mask and gloves with straw and secure them in the proper place. Taa-daa! You've got a standing dummy.

I used to have some rockin' scary Halloween masks somewhere in my house but I can't find them to save my soul. So I made a quick trip to the nearest store (which happened to be a grocery store) and bought a cheapo mask. It doesn't have quite the scare factor I wanted but it'll work till I can find the others. I also purchased a glow-in-the dark albino rat for prop.


Masshole Mommy said...

That came out so good! I would love to have one of these in my yard, but my luck I'd end up scaring myself with it LOL.

alissa apel said...

That's sweet! I can't wait for Halloween! The school I work at gets really into it.

Theresa said...

Awesome job! I wish more people in our neighborhood decorated for Halloween. Those that do make the holiday that much more fun!

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Awesome! My kids would love that.

Dianna said...

lol-- thats great-- I would think there really was someone there if I came up on this-- :-)