Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Invincible Flying Eagle - Book Review

I received book for review. The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services. Your opinions and results may differ.

After miraculously surviving the most horrid sexual abuse imaginable as a boy, Perto Herrera lived a successful life as a home health care provider and now is devoting his fulltime energy to helping sexual abuse victims, families of victims, and men who molest children.

That campaign not only involves humanitarian trips to Central America, public speaking and personal encounters, but Herrera has just published his shocking memoir to educate readers, victims and family members about the dark, terrifying experiences of a young victim and about the path to recovery and normalcy.

The book that reveals shocking details about child molestation, rape and sodomy is The Invincible Flying Eagle: Book One (ISBN 13:9781480154230, Createspace 2013, 234 pages, $14.99 and is available on Amazon in softcover and Kindle.) Herrera has pledged to use 75 percent of book sale proceeds to help needy people and sexual abuse victims.

As a boy growing up in a poor village in El Salvador, Perto was abused by 11 people (nine men and two women) over a period of five years until a messenger from God, in the form of an eagle, attacked his most dangerous abuser. The story tells how the eagle guided young Perto toward a safer place and a new chance at life.

The book details in raw, lurid detail the deplorable sexual attacks on a seven-year-old boy, his mother’s denial, and hopelessness that led to several suicide attempts, and how the Eagle saved him from drowning, and rescued him from a vicious rape.

“When I was raped and abused as a young boy I felt alone and trapped without hope,” says Herrera. “I now want to do everything I can to help people trapped in poverty and to help children who feel alone and guilty because they have been molested. My book is to educate readers about how horrid sexual abuse is, and my humanitarian efforts are to help victims recover and live a normal life feeling loved and worthy.”

About Perto Herrera

A native of Chalantenango, El Salvador, Perto Herrera escaped to Guatemala, then to Mexico and then Los Angeles and lived in the San Fernando Valley and Tucson before moving to Houston. After graduating from high school, Herrera earned several certifications in home health care and general management. Before organizing his own company, in 1997 Ph Homecare Management, LLC, Herrera worked as an agricultural worker, medical assistant, radio operator, textile factory worker and has volunteered as a Red Cross blood processor, bilingual instructor, trainer for caregivers, and as a catechism instructor.

My Review:

A mixture of horror and hope raced through my mind as I read this book. To believe that someone has had to endure such unmentionable acts of sexual and physical abuse is beyond my comprehension. Author Perto Herrera has been through more tortue in his lifetime than many people would ever encounter.

In his first book, Perto recalls his time as a child and how he was sexually and physically abused. There are very graphic descriptions of abuse that may be hard to stomach for some readers. I don't think the author wrote this book to make you feel sorry for him though, but to show there is hope at the end of the tunnel and to make others aware that sexual abuse can and does happen.

Even during his abuse, Perto remained strong in his faith, for the most part, and was helped through some of his turmoil by guardian angels in the form of eagles. Book Two, which is not out yet, is more of Perto's life stories and the hell he continued to endure. After reading Book One, I'm definitely interested in reading the second book and consider Perto to be an inspiration to anyone who is dealing with abuse in any form.


Theresa said...

Kinda sound a lot like A Child Called It. Very heart wrenching story. Thanks to the author for sharing his in this book!