Saturday, November 23, 2013

Check It Out: Sunstar GUM's “Thanksgiving Survival Sweepstakes”

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Sunstar GUM, a leader in oral hygiene products, is holding a Facebook Sweepstakes to engage followers in a creative way to discuss how to survive the holidays with your kids stress-free and to share tips about how parents can help keep children on track of their routines during this time—which can be a struggle due to all the sugary desserts and lack of a set schedule due to school vacation. When participants “like” Sunstar GUM’s Facebook page, and visit the Thanksgiving Survival Sweepstakes page, they can enter for a chance to win a $500 AMEX gift card. Once participants enter the sweepstakes, they will also receive downloadable tips from parenting expert, Tammy Gold, about surviving the holidays with their children—stress free. The tip sheet also includes a discount code for

Don't miss your chance to win, receive valuable tips, and recieve a discount. This offer ends November 26, 2013.