Monday, November 4, 2013

He Didn't Skip School, He Just Skipped Class

I'm a mom and I'm bias so don't ask me. But you can ask anyone who knows Adam and they'll tell you he's a good kid. He doesn't think twice about holding the door open for someone, rarely complains when asked to do something, keeps his room tidy, and isn't yet embarrassed to be seen with his mom. Adam is one of the most laid-back teenage boys I know, but you'll feel his wrath if you rub him wrong.

Adam doesn't particularly like school, but he doesn't hate it either. It's neither here nor there for him. He's now a freshman in high school with new teachers and a new principal.

I received a call from school last week that Adam skipped class. My first thought was wondering which foot I was gonna stick up his arse. Visions of him running the neighborhood like a hoodlum or joining a motorcycle gang also came to mind. Come to find out, he didn't technically skip class. He just didn't go to the correct one.

Apparently Adam and his last hour teacher don't see eye to eye. Adam did mention it here and there, that his World History teacher is weird and looks like he just smoked a crack pipe. And, after meeting his teacher last month, I can't say I disagree. I'm not sure, but I think his high school got last pick during teacher draft night and was forced to hire Mr. XXX. He reminds me of a guy you'd see on the news after finding out he's hid kids in his basement for years. Yes, that kind of weird!

Anyways, back to the subject.

Adam found out that the Social Studies class on down the hallway had a substitute teacher. So rather than be taught by Mr. Weirdo, he sauntered on down to the Social Studies class, sat his butt in the front row, and told the substitute he was a new student. When the teacher handed out worksheets on Abraham Lincoln, he didn't even protest. He worked on it like he knew what he was doing and turned it in. He didn't get ratted out until forty five minutes into the class when he ran to his locker to grab a book. Then he was BUSTED!

Mind you, the whole high school has very little more than one hundred students. You would've thought someone would've mentioned something at the BEGINNING of class! We're not raising our kids as narks, that's for sure!

Adam was sent to the principal's office and took full responsibility for his actions. The principal was kind about it and assured Adam she's talk to Mr. Weirdo to see what's up. She also doled out his due punishment and sentenced him to three days of lunch detention. That was supposed to happen this week but instead he's been home sick with pneumonia.

I didn't know whether to chastise Adam for his actions or laugh because he thought outside of the box. I did a little of both.


Masshole Mommy said...

LOL - seriously, how can you be mad at him for that. He took responsibility for it, right? It sounds like he just knows what he wants!