Thursday, December 26, 2013

Family Guy: Volume 12 - DVD Review

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DVD Synopsis:

Family Guy reaches new heights of hilarity in this outrageous collection of 22 uncensored episodes, including fan-favorite Into Fat Air, where the Griffins rock Mount Everest, plus the comedy jackpot Roads to Vegas and the milestone 200th episode Yug Ylimaf, in which Brian and Stewie develop a curious case of reverse aging thanks to a time machine foul-up. It's a complete season of laughs with celebrity guest voices Johnny Depp, Jon Hamm, Sofia Vergara and more! Family Guy: Volume 12 was released to DVD by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on December 17, 2013.

My Review:

It's rude. It's crude. It's full of gags. It's Family Guy.

I've been a fan of Family Guy since the beginning. There's rarely an episode I don't like and it's full of adult entertainment. This volume contains a lot of time travel with Stewie and Brian which is okay but I like seeing episodes with the entire family involved. Although Family Guy is a cartoon, it's not suitable for kids. There's cartoon violence, hardly any political correctness, and some raunchy behavior. Family Guy knows no boundaries and pokes fun of everyone. And, for the most part, I love it! Family Guy continues to evolve and it allows me time to sit back and watch mindless and creative entertainment.


Alexis AKA MOM said...

I've never been a fan, but Rick is. I'm sure he would love this!

Theresa said...

We love The Family Guy, but haven't caught too many episodes this season. I will have to get the DVD to catch up!